Saturday, 25 December 2010

No Celebrating for Health Care Reform

It was the ultimate Christmas Eve present for Barack Obama. Around 7 a.m. one year ago today, every Democratic senator in office — 60 in all — voted in favor of enacting comprehensive health care reform. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had leveraged the threat of spending Christmas in the Capitol to force even reticent Democratic senators to support the landmark legislation, close a major chapter of the debate over health care and head home for the holiday.
In a brief press conference after the vote, Democratic Senate leaders lauded each other and celebrated their historic victory. Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, which assembled most of the bill, referred to a "finish line." Sen. Chuck Schumer argued that negative rhetoric over the bill had "piqued" and that the legislation would soon become more popular. Obama, before flying to Hawaii for his family Christmas vacation, said, "Let's make 2010 the year we finally reform health care in the United States of America." (See 10 health care reform ads.)

For more Information please go to

Most Important thing to remember is, Everyone dies.

Check out those websites.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Long Time no Type....

Another StarBucks Blog entry.

So whats been going on you might ask, well for starters I have been debating with idiots over this problem they seem to have with people avoiding tax.

They do not understand that it is Legal, they complain that it is morally reprehensable, yet when you say what makes your morals better than the company that is avoiding tax, they say their morals are no different.

The problem in the UK is simple, it is a class war, those to have will always be hated by those who do not, and the only possible response is that it should be taken from them, when you suggest that they should work for it, they stare at you like you are an idiot.

I wonder why it is the English are so work shy, is it because they had slaves? I did not think slavery really took a hold in this country like it did in the United States, did we have slaves picking cotton? We had house servants, but is that the same thing?

30 Years of failing edcuation has given us people who will only do what they are trained to do, and never do any more.

Read this I tried to show this to some people, and suggested that this was the sort of thing that they should get angry about, but then they just ignore it because of the news paper that it is in.

This is wrong, this should not happen, but we are allowing our Government to do this, and not getting angry about it.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Obama - Now we will see Change....

So, Obama took a kicking, and if you read all about it then you will know they think it was just a normal day at the polls, but if history can teach him one thing, and apparently he is someone who knows a little about history, it will teach him that he should actually talk to the otherside with his ears open, you never know they might actually have a point, or a suggestion.

Now the US press will not go down the route of we are leaving all the debt to our children to pay off.

There are some things that I would like to see the press do for a story, and I am not talking the FOX type of story, nor the MSNBC story, I am talking about honestly thinking about things.

As far as I am aware Governments do not create jobs. Sure they employ people, they have people to do things, but those people are paid with tax money, and not all that money comes back to the govermnet in the fomr of tax, so it is always at a loss when they make a job or hire someone.

Since I am in Starbucks I will break it down roughly....

Say you have a country of 1000
Out of this 1000 you have 100 unemployed. 10%
Out of the 1000 you have 50 who are disabled (Disability (Complete outlay) Zero Income
Out of the 1000 you have 250 Government workers (Including leaders MPs etc.
This leaves you with 600 people to earn manage and generate the Tax for that 400 that are working to rule the 600.

Out of that 600 say you have 50 People who are the big wigs, paying top rate tax and companies.
From there you have 150 people paying middle rate of tax.

From the last 400 you have 300 average earmers and 100 lower wage earners...

Now, with those numbers, all you need to do is fill in some Tax rates and create average wage and top wage numbers and you will see that the government is top heavy.

Those numbers you are reading and the averages working out to more than a couple of countries. You will see that with Tax rate and cost of living, which I have not bothered to layout mean that the more the government spends the tougher it is going to be for my little country to live.

What I would like to see is someone, Glen Beck like (its just the first name that comes to mind) to create a little country using simple numbers and fill in the blanks and see that the way the US is going it will never work.

Am I asking too much?

Monday, 23 August 2010

Home Carers...

In my recient experience there are lots of people who are taking advantage of this. It is just a matter of filling out some forms and complaining as much as possible, getting a doctor to say, yes, the person you are living with needs home care, and Bingo, you get to stay home and do nothing, and it some cases when it involves children, treat the child like crap and just never work a day in your life.

It seems to me the nature of the business is to take everything you can get and who cares about being a real human being and being responsible for anything.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Friday, 20 August 2010

Autism Charity Partnership wanted for Autism Awareness

Welcome everyone, irregardless of the mental instability of certain people I have no choice but to go ahead with my plans to try and partner up with an Autism Charity and help support and provide get aways for children with Autism.

In recent experience I have noticed that some parents of autistic children are narcissistic in their thought patterns and behaviours, this only adds to the childs problems.

I would like to embark on a journey with a charity that allows Autistic Children to explore and discover and learn.

Currently there are lots of smaller charities that provide sessions with horses or dogs, or different experiences, to remove the children from their parents and let them learn and discover for themselves. Giving the parents a much needed break as well as the children a learning experience that they can do things for themselves, and they do not need constant watching.

I think the UN PC system of raising children with autism would work much better than the constant protection that people feel the need to provide.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Mentally ill

With my recent experience, those people who are on Prozac should be monitored, and watched for when the come off their pills.

My recent relationship with a woman on Prozac fell apart when she stopped taking her pills because she felt she could handle it, and from there it turned into one long running nightmare.

She was entirely unable to deal with the smallest problem, and could not see beyond herself.

Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.
The name "narcissism" was coined by Freud after a Greek myth about a pathologically self-absorbed young man. Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us from birth Andrew P. Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.

I have never met someone who so truely denotes the above until now. To this minute she now asks me for money, but will not talk to me, nore will she allow me to call her. It must be done via text message, and  email. Everything is a problem for her, and it must be fixed by someone else, because if it was not for this other person she would, of course, be fine and without error.

Being put upon in this way tears me up, because I am a pretty caring person, regardless of what you read here, I loved her, she is fully aware of this, and knows that she can use this to gain whatever she wants, and this is money.

Today I took a stand, one which hurt me beyond all pain I have ever felt before, and I am now drinking again, but that will not last too long. I have said no, if all I am to her is a bank machine, then I guess I have to draw the line.

Friday, 6 August 2010

So this is what happens...

So, you give of yourself completely, you trust someone with every aspect of your life, you allow them in and show them that as much as they say they love you, you love them
For it, you loose everything, they ignore you, they watch you suffer and you can hear them laughing at you.

I thought, and wanted to be with this person, and her little girl for the rest of my life, I wanted to make sure they had everything possible, while I may have failed, my business has, or as it stands now, did not really take off, but it was making money and it was giving me time to be with what I was hoping to be my family, but it wasn't enough to really take the load off the system, and onto my shoulders.

I wanted to be the provider, but it was going slower than, I wanted but even if I had to take a second job or give up the business, I would have, I had started to look for full time work again.

You allow them in, and you get taken for the biggest ride of your life.

I provided a deposit for a new house, I "loaned" money which I never really expected back, but was never mentioned as something that had happened.

I did everything, and I am the fool for it.

So, if there are any women who read this, please let me say this.

I am an honest caring person, who wants someone to share his life with, I am not the best looking I am not perfect, but I care...

Drop me a line..

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Hello Everyone,

I know I have not updated this site for a while, but I need to explain. I have had my heart ripped out, I have been conned and cheated and it has really hurt me, so I will be taking some time away from the Internet, and from people online, but be sure that I will still be involved in politics and I will be watching what happens.
The Future

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Disabled Children

Just a simple question for you, David Cameron used to have a Disabled Child, and the worst thing ever happened, but now Mr. Cameron doesn't give a Damn about Disabled Children, every thing his government has done has hurt those who are carers for Disabled Children.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Autism in the news...

In the News

As you should be aware by now I support Autism awareness, I help run an Autism website this is all unlike some of the MPs that have been elected who do not care about disabled children, nor have any wish to support those who have disabled children.

Over the coming weeks I will be putting together a website that will act as an e-petition website, because David Cameron is going to remove the current one. I will also be developing a website to work for the removal of MPs who do not support the causes that their constituents want them to support.

Please give your support to these projects.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Well, it is all come true, nothing has changed....

David is just another one of those speak out of one side of the face and do something else out the other....


It is one set of rules for them, and one set of rules for us, and that is the way it will always be in this country. In the US they get chased and harrased and they get shown the door, but in this country our reporters will not bother with them, it is more important to find out what the latest WAG story is than to start something to have an MP removed for being such a twat.

Please Remember, we are campaigning to have Philip Lee removed as MP for Bracknell for his in ablity to talk to a woman with a disabled child, let me remind you this is a Doctor, who does not support disabled children. Now it is not for me to suggest that he is a bit of an idiot, but it makes you wonder with the stories that you read in the paper about Doctors having the power of live and death....

Is that the sort of person you want looking after your children? Just a thought, nothing wrong with thinking now is there?

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sonething David Cameron and his MPs are not interested in, are you?


I'm a supporter of the Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) campaign. EDCM is a campaign to get rights and justice for disabled children.
The campaign is asking every MP in the country to attend an EDCM Parliamentary Reception in the House of Lords on 6th July to mark the launch of a new EDCM briefing: ‘Disabled children: an agenda for the new Government’.
I've just emailed my MP asking them to attend the event. Please support the campaign and click here to do the same!
Thank you!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

David Cameron what he will do, what he will not do...

Read this first

Dave is going to team up with Obama and jump on BPs back, I think David is going to be another Lap dog, which is why, like i said many posts ago, we are going to give up the Falklands.

If Dave had a pair he would openly, over open air waves, tell Obama to take a long walk off a short Florida peir, and leave it at that.

Obama wants to be seen to be kicking ass, then he needs to Kick BPs ass, and figure out who you blame for an accident. Then he might want to explain why he is not upset about 1000's of Indians who died when this happened.

Oh yeah, he was not in charge, but what they did, anAmerican Company, was beyond the pale (Its a black thing) and he isn't interested in history.

Dave doesn't have what it takes to do anything, and sadly those around him are just going to keep an even keel because they want to stay in when the election comes in about 4 years, I don't think even with the best of intensions it will last 5.

The problem is, in the States they have the mid terms, in which Obama is going to get his ass kicked, then they will turn to what every good politician does in the state, think of a second term, and in 2 years obama is going to try very hard to actually do something that is good for the country, but I think it is too late.

Dave on the other hand, well he is in. The libdems are not going to waste this chance for a couple of years, and our may elections here mean nothing to the overall government, never mind the BS that they feed you from all the news stations, the local parties just have the bigger parties name, they do not act the same.

Here are some future head lines, David seeks deal with Argentina. David signs agreement with Argentina to return the Falklands in 25 years. Oil in the Falklands to be processed by the Argentinians.

David sets deal to buy oil from Argentina.

 David doesn't have it in him to stand up for anything, it is like I have always said, he has never lifted a box in his live, he always pays someone to do it.

Being from Canada I know this, its going to hurt like Hell in this country, but it is better in the long run. The problem is, the English are too poorly educated to understand it, and since there are too many work shy Englishmen on the dole now, its going to mean doubling those numbers.

Give it 10 to 15 years and half the working population of this country will be people who should have retired and people who have moved to this country, while the average englishmen will be sitting on the dole asking why should he push a broom when he went to Uni and did media studies and got a 1st.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Glen Beck and who does what...

Glen Beck over stepped the mark and made himself look like an Idiot last night. With this whats the difference here videos.

He is right, if you look at it, guys with pipes beating a man, and guys with clubs beating a man.

But Glen forgot to mention, while the police are beating a student, which is bad.

The other video is men with pipes beating down a MAN WITH A GUN, and a man with a gun who is going to use it? Guess what he did and people died. So Glen, if someone breaks into your house with a gun, and you beat him down, well I think I could point out that your the bad person there correct?

If they wanted to take the boat they should have been better at it, not one at a time into an angry mob, right or wrong?

They could have sunk the boat slowly and picked up all the people nice and safe, and just delt with the opps we sunk a boat claim they would publish, but no. They boarded a boat with gun, I think that would make me a little scared and want to pick something up and attack them.

Glen you really missed the "boat" with that video, you want to defend the jews, then how about publishing what is ON the boats? Opps, not many waepons there.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Jews an International Law

The requirements of Resolution 242 are re-enforced and strengthened by UN Security Council Resolutions 452 (1979) and 465 (1980)Resolution 452 calls upon 'the Government and people of Israel to cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction and planning of settlements in the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.'  Resolution 465 states categorically that:' all measures taken by Israel to change the physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure of status of the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, or any part thereof, have no legal validity and that Israel's policy and practices of setting parts of its population and new Immigrants in those territories constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protecon of Civilian Persons in Time of War and also constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

The Jews use international law when it suites them, as anyone would. This is more for my argument that International law does not exist, there is not police force that supports or enforces it, and it is not something that we the people have accepted, like most laws it is only good when it suites you.

 The Jewish people have held over our heads the horror of the holocaust for well over 60 years now. When does this sort of thing time out? I mean here in the UK we don't care about the second world war vets anymore, and we don't teach anything to do with the war to end all wars (WWI or world war 1) for those of you who are unsure what this is, please consider that the one you do know about WWII is called World War 2, so something must have come before it.

It is about time they Jew got hit with a big stick, you can not shit on people forever and that is what they have been doing since 67.

Obama could just say he isn't going to finance it any more, after all he does, and considering how poor the US is at the moment they could do with keeping a little money in house. One day the world will wake up to this problem, but at the moment I just expect to be called a Jew Hater or a holocaust denier or something along those lines.

Me I just think of the 21 million Russians that Stalin killed and think, when they decided to complain, wow will that upset people.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Since no one cares

Read this

It is interesting that I see now Labour wants the troops home, and how horrid the war is, yet they could not find their voice when it mattered.

Gordon is in a hole and keeping quite, and everything is right in the world apart from the fact that no one wants to Support Diane Abbott for the leadership, now I think this is racist myself as it is about time that we had a black person in charge of a political party.

I would suggest that the BBC get involved here and start doing a program about the problems of black politicians, why not a black woman? She wants the job, she has been in the party for years and held her seat.

This country is truely going to pot when diane abbott can not find 30 people to support her. If at all possible I would, but I mean labour really, I could never vote for labour, isn't that the way it works in this country?

Monday, 31 May 2010

petition number 10

petition number 10 website has been stopped. The current government does not want to hear what you have to say, it doesn't care what you have to say.

The Sex Trade - Legal means....

Right, so I am reading the papers this morning and I pick up on one thing, apparently if we legalize the sex trade then women will be exploited more, more women will die, the world will come to an end...

You get the idea, now lets see if I understand this...

You make it Legal, it then becomes a job, correct? I job means Taxable income, correct? If you have legal brothels then those using the service will be monitored? (Or will we just have a house and say go to it boys?)

Because it is a Job, and it is in a specific house the girls will have to be healthy, correct? Limited times and hours for the work because of the European work directive. No drugs or any sort of crap etc, so everone is ok and aware.

If it is a Job, then no Pimp to beat up the women, and they apply for the job so they are aware of what they will be doing..

Can someone please explain the down side to all this?

Sure, now you can still say that you will get girls on the streets, but this is easy to handle, considdering how poor the police are at the moment I would think making some of those usless PCs walk the streets at night and some video cameras taking picture, the odd sign saying if you drive on this street you will get a letter this is a known red light area, etc, should keep people away.

Again, what is the down side?

It is like making Drugs legal, you have a house, you get your drugs you do it in the house, then after an hour or so you can leave. You sell it a much lower cost than the man on the street does, that cuts out the deallers, and you can monitor the drug takers. You make Tax dollars on the sales.

It is a win win, all around. If people want to kill themselves with drugs, you allow it as long as they buy them from the state, and the state makes its money on Tax. no harm no foul.

Problem is, no one has the guts to say the above, and no reporter will proffer what I have done, the other side of the argument.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

MP for Bracknell Dr Phillip Lee - Campaign to remove him has started!  Right, this weekend I will be walking the streets of Bracknell gathering signatures to have MP Philip Lee removed from office, to be the first MP to be removed from power.

He is not a politician, he is a Doctor, and I would guess a pretty poor one at that without the ability to care for disabled children, someone who is simply a mouth piece for whatever his party wants, with out the ability to think for himself.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Autism Blogs and PDA - all I ask is 5 minutes of your time.

NO I do not want money, all I ask you to do is what this video, try and listen and take some of it in, maybe if you find yourself interested go and find and site and do some reading.

I did not make this video, I am someone who loves a PDA child. It is important that people maybe understand maybe know a little something and maybe, next time you see that "little shit" kid in the supermarket and the mother/father/parents who is trying to control the child, maybe you will think before you speak, maybe it is not that the child is just "out of control" maybe it is something else.

We all want to "understanding" we apparently all want a better world to live in, well it all starts with a little understanding.

As a side not the Tories are NOT in support of anything for for disabled children - Please read the MP for Bracknell couldn't even be bothered to respond, this gentilemen is a Doctor, and he doesn't care about disable children.

If you think that is bad, please write, please send an email, please raise your voice, just the once, I don't need you do loads of work, if you think it is worth it then please do, I will not say no, but really, if you have read all this, and think "this guy is a nut" then find, but I think 5 minutes to watch a video, and figure out that those in power don't give shit about disable children, I think it just might be worth rasing your voice for a minute.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

HIPS - Gone and 3000 out of work...

This will make lots of people happy, apart from the 3000 people who, are most likely too stupid to get a different job.

These people will complain that they paid for training etc, but this was all a insain government make work scheme and another way to raise income for them, without calling it a Tax. You had to do it, you had to pay up, that is a Tax. Anything that makes you pay money is a Tax, because lets face it they, the government always gets their cut.

The 3000 are people who, had been unemployed for ages and got on some government scheme, or people leaving uni and they realized that they couldn't go back to their parents so needed a job, and they got offered a government scheme.

This all boils down to one thing, something that no reporter will ever say. Governments don't create jobs!!

The fewer people employed by the government the lower our taxes will be, and the more likely we will be able to employ people for ourselves.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I had a little bet

Dave wouldn't push him out, and he didn't so we still have a criminal in the chair.

John Bercow - he pledged to uphold the tradition of the house, in his mind that means claim what you can boys!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Out the Speaker

Well, I have stood back and watched everything, and all in all things seem to be going pretty good, I would not have given Dave much of a chance really, but he is actually doing rather well.

Now what we want is the Speaker removed and a real man put in his place...

Monday, 10 May 2010

LibDems force Brown out and here we go PR..

The LibDems have done what the country and Dave couldn't get Brown to go. Now we will have a LibLab and the first port of call will be a referendum for electoral reform and PR.

Yes, I hear you say they are talking for the "Good of the Country" and if you honestly believe that the only Hang up through the talks has been about what is going to get Cut and what taxes are going to go up, then your really kidding yourself.

The LibDems want PR, that's it, they do not care about anything else, because they know that with PR it mean they will always play a part in any government. It also means that the BNP, and the Greens and UKIP will get seats and well, and we will end up with everyone on the take, and votes for sale.

Now I have no problem with that. I have always believed that corrupt politicians means a government that works, I am proud of the fact that I have paid for services and things got done for me. I have no problem with the idea that if I want the police to respond to a break in after a few days of being ignored, I simply have to find my local MP and bung him a few quid and he will talk to the local police chief and next thing to know wheels are in motion. That is democracy in action.

Now, I know, since the English are generally a stupid bunch, that this will all sound very good and proper, but I also know, that in about 5 years, people will start to wake up and suddenly realize what they have done, and much like Europe, it will all end in tears.

Friday, 7 May 2010

PR (propositional representation)

What people do not seem to Understand. PR means you get the BNP as well. It also means you get the Greens, it also means that, if possible, you would get soon seat for the Monster Raving Loony Party, because if they decided to get the vote out and the students got drunk enough they could get enough votes around the country to get a seat.

It means you get no overall lead and forever and a day they have to do deals to get things past.

Deals means Lobbying, means people taking FAT checks or backhanders to vote one way or the other.

If you look at all the countries that have PR, you will see what it means, corrupt Politicians, do you really want to give our lot the nod and say, go on as you always have.

PR means Cab for hire will be all of them.

PR - For those of you who don't care.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Results - You get it here first...

Right, here we go.

Tories 320 - Just short.
Labour 215/220 - Less.
LibDem 65 -
Others - 1 Green
1 UKIP (Tripple crown would be Nigel fofr UKIP, Green and BNP)
Then others

Gordon to come out before Cameron and say he is going to form the Government with the LibDems, and Clegg having no idea what is going on.

Dave gets angry...

Election Fraud within 2 weeks after the election about 12 location will have people being charged with election fraud.

Local Council will have more election fraud than ever.

The Tripple Crown, UKIP, BNP, Green is unlikely to happen but we can only dream.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Labour we must Never Forget

We must never for get. Whiter than White, as Honest as the Day is Long! Oh yeah, 10p tax, this is a man that knows his numbers. Opps, how many people does that screw over?

People in their 70s are still paying Tax! People in their 70s need extra hand outs! They have to fill out forms till the cows come home, it all must be means tested! If you have a penny too much then sorry, your out of luck!

Labour isn't working, Labour is a Union saying, sorry we will not work, you have to pay us twice as much and we will do half the work.

I can not believe we let Tony in 3 times!

Less we forget...

The problem with this is he says "IF I said anything" It is the word IF, he keeps using it, like he thinks that it was not something that was offensive. I would lay you odds that if you called him a bigot he would find it offensive.
The man just does not know what he is doing and we must not allow this man to run this country. We will look like a laughing stock to the world!

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage - Well I have written about this before, so now I will write about it again, as for what small part I can do to keep his name in the press.

We need to make sure that John Bercow is removed! David will not have the balls to do it when he gets in, we need to do it for him. Poor old Dave doesn't have the guts.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Glen Beck and who does what...

Glen Beck Wow, now this is fantastic....

Part 1

Part 2

This is the most amazing thing

Tory Policy?

Read this - Now I know that the Bracknell Tory Candidate isn't even bothering to answer questions about this, not even responding. Labour has and the Greens, and Lib Dems, but the Tory is no place to be seen. Tory, if it is a safe seat, we don't care....

As see elsewhere

A Brief History of Microphone GaffesTime
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- Guardian
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Mandy Says...

Right so Mandy says than many politicians say things off mic that they do not believe, it happens all the time, so does that mean that everything they say on mic they believe?

Is it not the case that when you know that you are not being recorded that you show your true self?

Poor reporting means that these questions will never be asked. You need to throw Mandy a curve ball, but the BBC would never ask them.

Question, when you are off Mic do you not let yourself speak as you feel?

1 Million Member attempt for Gordon is a Wanker Group!

We want 1 Million members for Gordon is a Wanter Facebook Group!


Right, now the BBC have a serious problem, how do they load the audience with Labour people now? I mean who is going to vote labour now?

So it was private? So it should be kept Private? Hang on, we have more CCTV camera's on our streets, you want our DNA you want all our Details, so why the hell should be be able to slag off people in private?

Who is going to Egg Brown?

Right, who is going to throw an Egg at Gordon now? Please Someone throw something at that TWAT!

Gordo, that mic is live...

Gordon Brown shows his real color, the man just does not like the public. If he was an honest man he would say, that is another one, what are we doing about this, why have we failed so badly?

Problem is, she was a bigot! That was the problem, not the issue that she raised.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

PR or AV

David is just not that smart, or it is those who are advising him. You don't scare people with they want PR or they want AV.

PR or AV sounds like an honest system, I mean ever vote counts right? Whats wrong with that?

If Dave had any brains he would tell them, every country that has PR is a shambles, and give examples, Italy etc. It is a waste, it does not work. Show people, then they will understand, it should be that simple, but threatening people, and saying it will not work, well you look like a bully.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Going green, this is it, science has lied to us, they still believe...

Here we go, they are all going to make out that if we stopped flying from london to Scotland then this country would be green, that just leads me to ask, do they read anything?

Afgan, and Dave has lost the Election

Dave says I agree with Gordon, and that will lose him vote andwill loose him the election.

The Debate part 2

First question, Europe. So tomorrow willt he correct questions be asked by reporters? That question is, so do yuo honestly believe that if we left europe that all trade with them would stop, they would no longer trade with us? Do you honestly believe that?


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Egg o'meter count increases...

Eggo'meter 1 - David gets Egged.... Watch the video

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Clegg'o Vision...

I love this LibDem push we are having, its great for all those idiots who are saying they will never win, they seem to forget, if enough people vote, in the right places, they can win, that is how elections work, but by the by...

What we are also getting, again, is poor reporting, and poor question asking.

LibDems will take up into Europe, they have dropped this, In/Out vote they wanted.

Once in Europe we would become a state of Europe and that would it be for the country of England. This is the most important thing to remember, yet again, we get the parties attacking each other, and not attempting to explain what they want.

The Tories could take on this no tax on the first 10000, which all in all isn't too bad an idea, but really needs to be something we can afford, and it could work with a reform of benefits, people who are collecting get out on the street and work, sweep the streets. Keep the criminals in jail.

Something also needs to be done about council tax, as paying £100 a month for 250sq ft of space, and not having any form of police responces is really insane but this is what I pay, and with being broken into twice in 1 year, and never seeing a policeman, what am I paying for? No kids in school, singleman so very little garbage.

It really is not right.

Dave is a lost cause, I tried and tried to like him, but its just wishful thinking that he has learned anything, or could fight his corner.

Brown, well, we really have to get rid of him, and we can only pray that after the election that the people left in labour have the balls enough to put the knife in, maybe it is time for someone to out Brown, get him out of the closet and be damned with it, everyone knows he is, and getting proof isn't that hard.

Clegg, if he wants to win out right, and be PM, I have 1 thing that will do it for him. Put Tony up for war crimes, publish and be damned everything, and send him to the Hague, it is possible, I have been looking into the BS of international law (Witch by the way does not really exist), and it is possible. If he promised to look into doing that, and get the troops out, he would be PM in May.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

To sort out the UK

Here is a list of things that I would do, if I was in charge...

1. Death Penalty - 5 Levels of appeal, and 10 years for them to happen, then pull the switch.
(The odds of you going to jail and being put to death by mistakes are much less than the odds of another terror attack, live with it, you break the law bad enough, it costs you your life!, DEAL WITH IT!)

2. Three strikes and its life. In this case, life means life. I will give you the option of taking the death penalty and for that we will take the average living age, deduct your age, take what money it would cost to keep you alive, and then give it to a school, or something in the criminals honour, so you can have the chance to do something good with your life, even though you are a scum sucking criminal.

3. Cut the number of MPs in half, cut the Lords in Half. Make lords 75% elected, the last 25% to come from peoples vote nominations and random selections of the general public, so it is possible that we can have real people in the lords. Also, a peoples jury, a random selection of 20/30 people once a year who get "paid time from work" freedom of the government to see what is going on.

(For all you idiots jumping up and down about security, of course security checks would be done, secrets acts signed etc, and if you are one of those idiots, go take a long walk of a short pier)

4. Quango? What the hell is that when its at home, its stupid. Kill the lot of them. (It is a government cover up that these things actually do work, or help/assist in running your country, you have a government department for Education/Health etc, they decided and they do the work, no need for extra jobs for the boys clubs)

5. 10 Years, thats it for an MP, after that your gone. (2x5year terms max) No outside jobs when your an MP, and we pay for all you need. No pension, no extras. (But Who would do it if you said no pension? Don't you believe it, when you have been in power, you come out you sell yourself, you make money, you think Hoon and that other lot are just a few bad apples??)

6. NO ONE NEW ENTERS THE COUNTRY! We are an island, we have limited space, and we have millions who are not working, so DOORS CLOSED! (Again for the people who would complain, ask yourself one question, How do they get here? They at least gotta go through one other country that could take them, so they can stay there!)

7. IF YOU CAN WALK, YOU CAN WORK! Yeah, I know what it is like to have a bad back, but guess what, I work, I have done since I was 16, so can you. You can sweep the streets, you can work. If you want benefits, then once a day you go out into the street and you sweep it. It is the very least you can do.

8. Oh yeah, Europe, we are out, sorry. We want trade only, not your rules or laws.

9. Scotland, your on your own. No Scotish MPs.

10. Wales, Do you want out?

11. Ireland, same thing.

You might wonder why those last three, but lets face it, you have to have the vote, if you want in, then you are in, if you want out, then get out.

As mentioned before, we need to learn the lessons from Canada, the french hold Canada up for ransom, or they used to, two referendums, and personally we should have made them go the last time, less than 1 percent decided it, but they know which side of the bread is buttered, and they stayed, and it works. So the same with the Scots, and the Welsh, give them the choice, and if they stay, then they stay and no special treatment. NO HALF MEASURES!

These things are tough. Also, the first few the general public would LOVE, but again, its calls for someone who can say, this is the way it is and this is what I stand for. We don't have any of that leading any of the parties at the moment, we have, "We Agree", "They Agree with me", "I Agree with him". What we want is, "This is all bull shit, and I am sorry I have to stand here and do this, what I want is what you want, a job, a roof over my head, and not to pay 60% of everything I earn to the government to see it pissed away."

Oh yeah, some place near the top, NO MORE AID! Let me explain this, if your kids are sick, you by medicine to make them better, you don't then turn around and give it to the neighbours kids, you give it to your own first. We are a sick country, we need to be healthy before we take care of the rest of the planet!

Signing off. Tough Choices, Tough Measures.... No Bullshit

Friday, 16 April 2010

Because I like it

I thought I would add this from one of the Blogs, I like the list, I like the Blog so, have a read..

Labour's Wall Of Shame

With no end to the recession, Labour attack strategy misfires - Guido Fawkes
Labour intended to socially engineer Britain by allowing mass immigration and by fostering multi-culturialism - Sunday Telegraph
The recession is not over, and I do not think it will be for some time yet - Daniel1979 Jacqui can keep the cash in exchange for an apology - Guido Fawkes
Gordon in £16bn firesale, rapid privitisation of public assets to plug defecit void - Daily Mail
"I'm Harriet Harman - you know where to find me" Deputy PM Crashes Into Parked Car Whilst Talking On Mobile - Sunday Mail
Could Labour Fold? - Iain Dale
Gordon Brown Is Missing The Point On Childcare - Daily Telegraph
The Sun Says "Labour's Lost It" - The Sun
The Attorney-General Baroness Scotland to be quizzed over £170,000 of claims she was not entitled to - Sunday Times
Jack Straw & British Government negotiated Terrorist for Oil Contract - Sunday Times
David Miliband says on Radio 4 that terrorism is justifiable and effective - Nile Gardiner, DT Blogs
Secret plan by Blairites urging Lord Mandelson to return to Commons in safe seat - Sunday Telegraph
Miliband is branded "Waste of Space" over Iraq hostage situation - The Times
Brown helped cause the economic crisis - Wall Street Journal
Brown beaten into 3rd Place, on just 15.3% national vote - The Times
Gordon Brown: Labour's Dilemma - The Guardian
Jacqui Smith Resignation was innevitable - The Mirror
Alistair Darling charged Tax-Payers for two homes at same time - Daily Telegraph
Labour in third place, just 6% ahead of Green Party - Daily Telegraph
Justice Minister resigns over expenses claims - Daily Telegraph
Labour Lords Suspended - First time peers have been suspended since English Civil War - The Times
Gordon Brown - more piƱata than politician - New York Times
Less popular than Michael Foot - Mail on Sunday
Labour in Third Place (You Gov) - The Times
MP's Receipts Leaked - Daily Telegraph
Love cheat Labour MP's on suicide watch - Daily Mail
Brown suffers symbolic defeat on Gurkhas - Sky News
Alice Mahon quits Labour Party because of it's betrayal of party principles - The Times
Draper should go - John Prescott
Damian McBride is "Vicious and Vile" - NOTW
Derek Draper admits he lied to me - Iain Dale
Who is working for a transparent Parliament? - Daniel1979
Beckett's nice little earner - Daily Mail
Gordon tearful while pleading with rebels - Sky News
Labour Lords will change laws for cash - The Times

Change 2010 - Forums and Website... - Unedited Debate only on the Change 2010 website. I want to hear what you say...

Autistic News and important words...

Autistic Blog interesting words on this Blog about the election.

Lessons From Canada

Lessons from Canada - What did I talk about earlier in my blog?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

china on itv and labour on bbc

So on the bbc we have an all labour audience and on itv we have the scots talking about china, and yes david said china is a threat.

UKIP is really going to gain votes and so are the minor parties, up the BNP.

Also, by not increasing tax we are taking money out of the economy? Can anyone explain that?

Is labour socialist? If so then why do the not want to introduce 100% inheritance tax? He dislikes the tory letting people leave more money to their children, so why not take it all away and give it to those who need it? I would love to see this being put to brown, but nope no one will. It would stop brown and force him to clarify where he stands on wealth, which I think people would be interested in.

Dave, with any luck will have had a wake up call, and start asking brown questions asking brown to respond, but ask brown thinks that are not expected.

ask brown will he cut MPs wages by 5% and freeze it?

Dave misses all these things, maybe he should have an ear piece so people can point out all these things he misses.

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Nick Clegg his biggest problem

Simple, if not for Gordo saying he and Clegg agree Nick would be a happy boy, and the looser is, Dave.

Dave just doesn't have it, as everyone says, whatever IT is, dave just does not make you believe, and why is he not prepared! More police? That's a lie and we all know it, the extra police are pco dumy police who are all giddy with power and but don't realize they don't have any.

Also why did dave have to say he talked to a 40 year old black man? Dave needs help and without help he isn't going to win.

UKIP - Sod the lot vote UKIP!

-- I sent this from my 3 mobile --

Sunday, 11 April 2010

School Children

Passing notes in class it just makes me laugh...

History Lesson

History Lesson that the UK needs to learn - Once you have read this, then you should go and do a little digging about who Brian Mulroney and David Wilson are. They distroyed Canada, and ran. In the case of Brian Mulroney, much like Tony Blair, he as been to court a couple of times, and if not for one person staying in a country in which Canada can not get to him, he would be a convicted criminal. He was in it for the money, and what it could get him. David Wilson, his partner in crime of which part Gordon Brown has taken, distoryed Canada to the point of having to introduce a crippling tax, which distoryed Canada and only in the last few years has Canada been able to recover from.

I have explained this to various people, and they understand, what will not happen is you will not see this reported nor will you see it reported that there is a possibility of it happening here. The polls in Canada showed it was not going to be this bad, but it turned out to be.

The English are just generally not that bright, and not able to take in details, this is why the political class is able to pull the wool over their eyes so often. Also, the English buy this only two party thing, which is the biggest load of BS ever sold by the reporters of this country, or any pundit.

IF people voted for the 3rd party, the 3rd party would win, it is possible for them to win, it is not a "lost vote". Also AV, and other insane system which allow for more parties to get involved. Will you see anyone bring up the idea that this allows the BNP in? Nope, but it would. It would not just allow for LibDems, it would allow for Greens and BNP.

If you mentioned this to Gordo, what would he say? I would be willing to place money on the fact that Gordo would talk about banning the BNP, some how they would no longer have the right to voice their opinion.

What we have in this country, is a BBC which has reporters who are not restricted on what they can and will say, so certain things will never be questioned, and a public which is truly gullible and without the ability to think clearly, they are drunks and drug users who a simply willing to allow anyone direct them because it is easier than thinking for themselves.

The British public need something or someone to awaken them, but I fear what would happen.

Friday, 9 April 2010

MPs' Expenses

Just a thought....

Try this, if you are lucky enough to meet your local want-to-be, ask him/her to sign a contract between you and him/her. Your name, and their name, a contract stating they they will always act, within their power, for your best interest, and for the best interest of the local people, and will not claim one penny more than is required for their job, and for them to do their job.

I would lay money on the fact they would run scared, the reason being that a contract with their name on it, and your name on it would be something that could go to court, but their "contract with the people" is something they can ignore because it really does not exist.

Try it, I am going to try and get a general contract drawn up and posted here, lets see what you think...

Gordon Brown orders ...

Right so I read the Telegraph and I think, sure like this is ever going to happen. It is not, they are going to hide whatever they can.

What I like about America, in the States when Joe the plumber said something, everyone wanted to meet him, talk to him, get his point if view.

We have had the PM be asked a question by the member of the public and he has ignored him, fine, he was busy at the time, but now you chase him down and talk to him, you then look like you care...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Change 2010 - Forums and Website...

Change 2010

Launched for this Election only, for the first time, a public only forum for the Change 2010 Election. We are NOT Tory, We are NOT Labour, We are NOT ANY political party. We want to hear what you have to say about the parties.

Go directly to the Forums and sign up and start talking and posting.

I will take it upon myself to direct everything posted to the party it is directed at.

Second Hand Goods...

Right, so I read on Britannia Radio that police are now asking for stores to take thumb prints of people who sell them stuff.

Ok, about 10 years behind the time because everyone with a brain knows you go to a pawn shop to buy stolen goods.

Now, how about dealing with this we buy your gold stuff, because all you have to do is go and steal gold from someone and put it in the post, cash returned via the same.


But again no one is going to mention this, no one will talk about this. The second hand good stores can take all the prints they like but no one will go to jail for it, because, human rights, and because it was not a print taken buy someone who is trained at taking prints, the records could be messed with, because they will not be in a locked up and kept safe, and the people who keep the records will not have been trained to handle the records correctly.

This is why this country is screwed, no one uses their common sense. When I got broken into, and as mentioned before the police could not be bothered to walk the 300 yards, I started by going to the pawn shop and telling them what was stolen of mine and giving them the details, no problem he said.

The pawn shop, about 500 yards from the police station, said they never see the police, so would not know if anything they had was stolen or not, hey its a living.

People steal mobile phones, guess what you can post those in and get money back, now its gold, gee I wonder what people are going to start stealing?

It just like all this crap they sold us about a 4 digit number being safer than someone seeing you sign for something.

Now anyone can use anyone elses card, man or woman who cares, if you have 4 numbers you can use it. Steal someones cards kick them about a bit make them give you the number and away you go, no worries, because no one gets to see that Mrs Davies card is being used by some 6' tall black man, because he has the pin.

The joke is, the public actually believe what they are being told...

Last Bunch of Blogs

If you had not guessed I was watching Question Time, and commenting on what was being said.

Now I guess I need to explain why I feel so upset, because simple language was not used and again the public, who have not been taught how to thing, could not figure out what was being said.

Now to explain, as Janet did so well, but because the English are overly stupid, it needs to be explained in an even more dumbed down way.

Labour is increasing Tax, or NI, which is something that is taken by your Employer directly out of your pay packet and given to the Government.

The Tories want to reverse this increase, or Not take this extra money from your pay packet.

Labour says the Tories are taking money out of the economy if they do not increase tax.

Question, is the Government the only economy? Surely if you leave more money with the people who earn it, the money is still in the economy?

This very basic response to Labour, your taking money out of the Economy, was never used, nor could the public see it.

To explain it in Baby terms; Everyone who works for Bob gets paid £10, from that they pay £3 in Tax. so they receive £7.

Now, after the increase, they receive £6.50.

Does this mean that £0.50 has been removed from the Ecomony?

I know one thing? It means that because I have £0.50 less to spend, I might not be able to save as much as I wanted to buy that new TV when I wanted to, it means I will have less to spend on food, and clothes.

Now, may I ask? Who is taking money out of the Economy?

Right, one last thing....


To explain, if I TAX you that extra £0.50, and then create a job, doing what, I know "smoking cessation officer" (That is a job that has been created under Labour, and ever NHS Hospital has at least 3) to do the paper pushing etc.

Does that make your public services better or more bloated?

Does the fact that in the NHS you have people dedicated to the counting of spoons (Again if you do a little digging you will find that this is true, job title is something to do with catering, but its cutlery manager, or something) Does that make you think, my taxes are being well spent? Or is it just possible, that your taxes are being used to make work?

Me, I think the English have had the system too long, it looks after you, so why should I work, I know at least 2 families who have 3 generations of people who have never worked, and they simply say, why should I, they pay me, I do what they want me to do, a course, a class, and they pay me more, why get up at 7am, to rush to a job when I know I don't need to.

Honestly, I am beginning to think they are right.

This country is Broken, and it needs a revolution to fix it...

What's wrong with this country

The last few years. I have been broken into twice, never saw a policemen, I live 300 yards from the police station in Reading. I did get glossy letters for support about dealing with it.
I pay £100 a month council tax, I live in 1 room 15x20 foot room.
I was cheated by my one time empolyer who lowered my wage to below minimum wage and never paid me on time. I went to ACAS and got a total of 3 emails, their advisor said go to CAB? you do not need a real person to do that, yet she has a job, and I still have no idea what happened.
NHS, well where do I start. I have seen doctors who think antibiotics kill people so they will never give them to anyone no matter how much crap you cough out of your lungs over 2 months. I have seen doctors charge for letters that are templates £20 for a signature to a senior citizen.
Doctors who, because of 'goals and targets' let people with dislocated shoulders sit for hours in waiting rooms when it could be resolved quickly within minutes, but no they wait causing more damage to the joint.
This country is more than broken, and so far from what I have seen the politicians are just going to lie to us throughout this entire election.
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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

inheritance tax

Did David Milly just say it was a waste of public money decreasing the level of inheritance tax? I hate to inform you it is not public money it belongs to the people who you are taking it from!
Also during party conference the Tories mentioned it, Labour did it! Now the Tories mention it and its a bad thing.
If David was a proper socialist he would be saying 100 inheritance tax is the only fair way. But again no reporter is ever going sugest that even when they say they are a socialist.
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Tony said...

So milly boy says Gordo will be there for the full parliament, but that's what TB said, so what will Gordo do? If they make it in I think GB will find himself shot, someone will take it onto themselves and rid this country of him.
How about an openly gay leader with a Brazilian? lets face it all the rich folks will love it.
-- I sent this from my 3 mobile --

PR - what reporters should do...

Right, so Labour is pro PR now. Right so all you need to say is, yes that's great with PR the BNP will have a few MPs that's great. With PR we boost the BNP and wait for Labour to respond..
We need reporters ask these questions we need to see reporters with brains asking challenging questions.
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If your a christian your ment to do nothing and allow anyone to do anything against you. Because you are a christian you must take it with a smile.
What he said was honest and he supported someones religious believes problem is he supported a christian.
-- I sent this from my 3 mobile --

tax increase

So, here we are, Labour is going to raise NI and the Tories are going to stop it. Labour says they can not pay for it and it I'd taking money out of the economy. Is goverenment the only economy?
It is a tax, and a tax on people who employ people.
The questions that no reporter will ever ask. Why? What makes you right and them wrong?
I want to start an Eggo meter, to count the number of eggs that are thrown at politicians over the next 4 weeks. If the number reaches 100 I will give £100 to charity. £1 per egg!
Not increasing tax does not mean you are taking money out of the economy. It means you are leaving it in the economy.
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Friday, 26 March 2010


So Gordon wants them to go to ACAS. I had to go to ACAS one because I had an employer who did not figure he had to pay me. His words, you should have a float so I can pay you late.
I had no choice but to quit and go to ACAS but I got nothing from them. The first time, I went no problem ACAS provided information and got bad to me and stupidly I believed my employer, second time I quit went to ACAS and I got nothing, the advisor said go to cab, that was the total of her input. I still to this day have no idea what happened, I contacted them to ask and was told the hearing was on a certain date about 3 days away so when I said I had no idea and no time and no info re this, I got nothing back. So I guess it all happened but I have no idea what happened.
All in all ACAS is a waste of time but it is also standard english practice customer service is not what the english do, when you get cheated, in england it is easy to get away with it because no one will chase you, and any service that ahould help people will never actually chase you because that would be work and the english only work overtime, not real time.
Waiting to get to work, this is a test of the email to blog feature, how sad am i?
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

They ask us, they do....

So here we go, its taken me some time to think of this, but after watching Question Time tonight all I can think of is, they are really all the same.

Tory, attacks Labour, LibDem defends Labour, by saying you have the same type of MP, Labour sits there, doing nothing.

Now. They ask us to Rat out people who are taking too much money from the state, yet we know MPs know other MPs who are selling themselves for cash, and will they out each other? NO!!

Wouldn't it be great to get a little honesty, a Tory, or a Labour or LibDem saying, oh yeah we have so and so, and so and so, they will sell their grandmother if the price is right. What Crooks...

Oh yeah, we are de-selecting so and so, he is a crook....

But No, they will never out their own, they will only act like children and say, you do the same thing, you do the same thing, me, no, I would never, you do, you do....

We talk about changing the rules, but what happened to a little honesty? A little, I am being paid 3x the average and they hate us for claiming cookies, maybe I shouldn't take this cash?

Nope, its honest, and that will never do.

Will the BBC bring up the whiter than white thing? Nope?

VOTE BNP, Vote anything other than the top 3, anything other than the Top 3.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Got Cash? You got me...

Guess what, you got the cash? You got me...

So Labour is for sale? Can anyone be surprised?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

David Cameron, Gordon Brown... Lost cause...

So, with all this Ashcroft crap, and of course Labour with their non dom money men as well, it just makes them all out to be the money grubbing losers we all think they are, and of course do not forget the expenses stuff as well.

Now surely you would expect a politician to think, hey, shouldn't we be trying to make the people trust us again otherwise, well, no one is going to believe what we say, and everything goes to pot...

But No, what we get is Labour calling the Tories idiots for not knowing what color underwear their Non Dom money man wears? (I put it like that because it just seem so stupid, everyone approved what was in the letter, even number 10, Now it 10 years later it all becomes a problem because they thought it meant something else, but it seems it didn't, yet its been ten years, now surely some committee could have challenged this a few years ago? made a little noise? Questioned him if he should still be a lord etc? Nope, guess it is just a fluke its right before an election)

The Tories are not spouting that Labour is run by the unions? Hmmm, that ain't new, and lets face it when you join a union you get the offer of an opt out form so your money does not go to labour, so ... This is news how?

Labour have Non Dom money men as well, and again this is news how?

News is, that without all the big bucks both parties would be running themselves out of shacks under the m25 because no one will give to criminals...

News is, that support and members of parties are drying up, because they are crooks.

News is not what is ever published in this country...

Because the education system has failed for too many years and we now have the poorly educated educating what will be poorest educated generation ever produced since a caveman once sat down his little boy and showed him that fire burns, and burnt himself to a crisp in the process.

The UK is going for the Darwin awards for countries...

Question time

I hear someone talking about there is too much tax avoidence and it wakes me up because what is the first question that comes to mind? How to catch them? No in my mind it goes like this, first of all I would bet it is being raised by some one who lives off the state so has never had to pay tax other than on her cigs and booze but second of all, tax avoidence gets higher the higher the tax gets. Its pretty simple really you tax people too much and they work out how to avoid it a la the mps and capital gains, it was and is tax avoidence, if not then surely they would gladly hand over a check it is only a few grand. Opps that's a lot of money it seems.

Until you have paid tax at the higher rate you will always think tax avoiders should be crushed.

Lower taxes and more people pay and those with more will buy more and guess what? Pay more too!

The problem is the english are too stupid to figure this simple truth out. The richer you are the more you spend thus the more tax you pay.  Taking half of it at source will only force them to hide it and keep it away from the tax man.

As I have always said, education has been failing in this country for 30 years we are now run by the idiots we asked for and the next lot regardless of who is in the big seat will be worse...

-- I sent this from my 3 mobile --

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

None of the Above...

Interestingly enough someone said to me yesterday they thought they might just not vote. So I asked why, and they said, well they are all the same.

Now lets face it, they really are all the same, and given the chance to pick your pocket they would, but so would any of us with the power they have.

I suggested going and and voting but just writing None of the Above on the ballot and leaving it at that.

I hear all this talk about making it compulsory to vote, but the one thing they can not make you do is put a check mark next to any one of the names on the sheet.

I read all this stuff about AV, and again, they can not force you to select more than 1, they can not make you select 1, never mind two.

If you want people to vote, you have to actually do what you say you are going to do, and or explain it in depth.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Bercow voted for Lisbon

Get Bercow out! The campaign  must be supported and we must get someone else in. Bercow is a criminal along with the rest of them.

Show your support

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I am going to speak slowly so you understand the question...

I am willing to pay any reporter that uses this phrase with any politician a very large amount of money.

Watching the Marr show this morning when it was asking that apparent women a question, she just rattled on, and did not answer the question. He needs to stop wait for her to finish then use the above.

Please, I am going to speak very slowly so you under stand the question. Do you understand?

Right, Now, Does not Labour have people of whom you do not know their tax status?

I am sorry I am going to have to stop you prattling on, as it seems you do not understand the question.

We need reporters who treat the politicians like they treat the public, with no respect at all.

Remember, they need the reporter more than you need them. Lets face it, there is plenty more news out there that people will watch, why talk to someone who will not listen to your questions and treat you with no respect.

We need reports to stop them in mid flow. Sorry, I we have turned off your mic because your obviously not listening or going to listen to my questions, nor answer them with any form of sense.

Can we get reporters who will do this? Please? Money on offer here?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Questions to ask, questions reporters are too stupid to ask...

Mr Brown, with all the papers saying you are a bully, and you saying you are not, I would assume that you are going to be suing them because your reputation has been damaged, and as the prime minister of the country you should be demonstrating that no one person can be slandered by the bullying newspapers?

Mr. Brown, with the army saying that they did not get what was required, and you saying they did? I assume that you will be releasing the letters and documents to show that you are correct, and they no one person can bully another by telling lies, as if you are correct, and I am sure you are, they would be lying when they are saying you did not provide what was required?

Mr. Brown, people are telling lies about you? Why are you not defending yourself in the courts?

Can anyone tell me why no reporter has asked the above? Why do they listen an allow him to bloat on an on?

I was wrong, no tears, but he did say he was sorry, well sort of, about the lives that have been lost.

What does Tony Blair have on Gordo? Could it be the fact that he is gay and no one will out him? (For proof, or poof, check out Gordo's old holiday haunt, if your clever you will find out all you need to know.)

Why do they not ask..

Mr. Brown, we are given to understand that you wanted to be Prime Minister and this was your goal, surely you would want to follow the biggest decision, that of going to war, very closely, to be involved with very meeting and read every bit of paper work that was produced, because, as someone to wanted to lead the country, you would want as much experience as possible to be aware of everything, for the time when you would be prime minister? Why are you saying that you only saw enough to be sure it was the right thing to do?

What we have is idiots doing the questioning, and idiots who are unable to think around the answers given.

If someone says NO, then the people who are saying YES, are wrong, so you get the person who is saying NO, to confirm that those saying yes are lying. Then you talk to the people saying YES, and get them to confirm they people saying NO are lying, then you ask why is no one suing anyone, because if you are right surely you can prove it and so should be able to make the other people back down? Opps, you have no proof?

This country is going to hell..

Monday, 1 March 2010

WARNING TO IT PURCHASERS - They are a fraudulent company, who with withdraw money from your account, and with not deliver the goods. Upon complaining they will tell you they will sort it out, and not return any contact.

Their Contact from on their Website does not send any messages through to anyone.

AWD IT - They will send USED items and tell you they are NEW.

BE AWARE!! Do NOT use these companies! They have cost me almost £1000

Barclays Busiuness - WARNING

I just thought I would provide a little public service warning here for people who have a business account with Barclays.

Barclays will process payments to your business account without verifying the Business address, nor do they care if a company fraudulently takes money from your business account.

I have tried contacting my business manager, without a call back. I have tried talking to, or trying to understand the people at the call centre to complain about this, I was told they would "TRY".

Since then I have had nothing back, not a word.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Falklands

This is the next big thing. This is the one thing that the UK does not need right now, and with the people we have in power, and the people who are likely to come into power Argentina has the best chance ever to take control of the islands and take the oil that we have found there.

Does anyone thing we will stand upto them this time?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Autism Blog that will be worth Reading...

For those of you who care, and for those of you who do not, I have very close contact with an Autistic 8 year old, she is my Daughter.

I don't talk about it, and like our current crop of keep the family out of it MPs, I just support it and promote it when I can. - This is the forums that I host. - This is a fantastic Blog, by some one who understands.

Autism is close to my heart, having been through a very rough childhood, during a time when a child being diagnosed with Autism or dyslexia was just very unlikely to happen.
I sat with child goodie goodies, who offered me nothing, and caused me, and I should think my parents no end of good.

I know I have problems, but for me its been simple, everyone else is wrong and I work through it, noththing ever goes wrong if you put your head down and work, because with you head down you can not see what is coming.

What I would like, and I ask this here, is very simple. I would like a teacher, just one, but more than one would be great, to logon to and post something, I would like a teacher to get involved, and offer some advice. They could learn about how to handle autistic children, or how to see things differently.

It can only make you a better teacher, asking questions and finding out how the parents deal with their children, then maybe you might be able to deal with them for the few hours you have them.

Autism - learning to understand should be the first step.

British Council gets in on the climate act

British Council gets in on the climate act
You really got to love this. Why is it not being reported on the BBC? 

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Political correctness

So we have a cop going to jail for being a bad guy. Gee what a shocker.

But I have been hearing something on the radio and on TV that has me thinking.

Black Police association, but isn't that racist?

Why do we have to have it? Surely under todays laws, we all know we can not have a Whites only group, look at the BNP, so why are we allowing a Black Group? This is racist, or can someone explain to me why it is not.

So it allows white people to join, then it is not racist but the name is misleading and that is against the law isn't it?

Guess what? No reporter will ask this question, the public will be left in the dark again.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

David Cameron

Now, talking to my parents, my mother who will vote BNP because, and she is right, no other party really gives a damn about a 75 year old woman.

My father who will always vote Tory because he believes, not in David Cameron, but that Toffs will always save the day.

Me, I live in Reading, I have seen my Local MP on TV twice and in the local paper a few times, but I do not have a clue who is replacing him, or who is standing for the other parties.

Me, I think, what I write is going to come true. I will repeat what I have said before, and I am sure it will come true now we have Gordo crying doing an interview with the God of honesty.

Gordo will break down during the Iraq white wash, saying it was all Tony's idea, and he was bullied in to it.

David will end up if he is lucky in charge, but with no power and the Lib Dems firmy up Gordo's backside (Which we all know he will enjoy, but NO ONE HAS THE GUTS TO OUT HIM) because he has already done the deal with AV. (My proof comes from the Cape, and if you spend just a little time checking you'll find it too)

NOW, some simple truths about AV, if the public are smart they will figure out that it means nothing, IF you only vote for 1 person, and do not vote for any other then it is still first past the post. (Reporters take notes, this is the sort of thing you might want to bring up, because any "Smart" person would be able to organize this.)

Back to the story, my mother will vote BNP because she doesn't know what DC will do, and nor do I. I see his face, I see lots of mocking posters, and I hear nothing.

What I would like to Hear from the Tories, 1 - ID CARDS DEAD IN WATER. 2 - Health care IT DEAD IN WATER. 3 - Defra green policies DEAD IN WATER. 4 - Europe retro active referendum.

The last is a bit of a giggle because they say there is nothing that can be done about it, which is a lie, but again no reporter will say it.

To explain, it is not something that is written into our DNA, so we can reverse it, remove it from law, say NO to it. But that would take someone with standing, with guts, someone with a brain.

Now when any politician says, but you can not do that. Well, they tell us they are going to repeal the hunting law, which by the way Dave will NEVER DO, so you repeal the treaty.

I have asked politicians to explain to me, One member of the public, how they can honestly think what they claimed for was right and propper when you read just those two pages of the green book.

Not one has it in them to explain, if they can not defend that how do you honestly expect them to be honest about their reasons for wanting to run the country.

2 Programs that I want C4 to make. I can be a Banker, they get any member of the public to shadow a banker and do his job for a month.

I can be an MP, forget asking MPs to live on benfits, thats a joke and is turning out to be. Shadow an MP and have a member of the publlic comment of it. Like I would claim those cookies if where you.

Show how little they do, don't ask them to mix with the general public, let the public do their jobs!