Tuesday, 7 July 2009

One other thing...

Please excuse the randomness of this, but one other thing that will happen in this country.

Because those in power do not want to "act properly" they will adjust the rules in their favour, and this will mean they can avoid debate.

So, public funding for Political parties, and then they will Band the BNP. Much like they did in Spain, with ETA, ban them then no need to deal with the debate, just say they are illegal.

Since it will all be public money they will be able to skim off the top of that as well.

While I think of it....

In regards to Gordo and his apparent smarts, I want to explain to you how, if you have a brain and you think, you could have figured out that killing the 10% tax rate was a bad idea.

Tax works like a ladder, the lower you are the lower you pay, the higher you are the more you pay.

So think of it like this...

40% Top rate..
30% lower step
22% little lower
10% even lower
No tax, ground floor.

Now if you remove the 10%, and lower the 22% to 20%, you still have a larger step up.

Effectively it is like removing a rung from the ladder...

Now, I don't know about you, but I do not like larger steps like that, not on ladders....

I could never suggest someone who does something like that has a brain.

Does the way I explain it make sense? Am I using words that are too long?

Monday, 6 July 2009

Watch words...

Again, some basics for those of you who are reading this. There are watch words when listening to a politician, the most important is consensus.

When a politician uses this word it means they are devoid of ideas and need all the help they can get. David Cameron used this word when he started as leader, and he just rolled along with anything Labour did, and we the people got screwed.

Now Gordo is doing the same thing, devoid of idea he needs consensus, which means he needs other people to come up with ideas for him.

Now poor old David isn't really the best of thinkers, and the people around him, well they don't do much thinking for themselves. Lets face it, it has never been the point of a politician to actually think, or do much thinking, its to get into place, and do a little of this a little of that, and its a job that gives them the power to get a better job etc.

Gordo, well, again. At 16 he was in University, can you honestly look at his judgment and the manner of his thinking and see that this is a genius? Nope, but again the failing education system simply needed someone to promote from the area and he won the spot, not on merit, but simply because someone was needed for a story, political correctness has been around for years and years.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Start....

This is for those of you who are a little too stupid to admit you are stupid, this is how the next 5 to 10 years are going to play out, some of this will be in detail some will be a little wild, but 80% of it will happen, and the people and the places are all real.

How do I know, its simple when you understand a few things.

Number 1, the education system in the United Kingdom has been failing 30 years, so now the cycle can not reverse itself, as you have people in charge who have been poorly taught, teaching people in the way, and its something that can not be reversed.

Example, when you have generations who have not worked, its not something that will ever change by giving them choice. If you do not have to move, you don't move.


The MP are going on Holiday soon, so nothing is going to happen with their expenses, big carpet, massive broom, its taken care of. They do not think the general public matter, so it will go away.

Noises will be made, and at most the long and short of it will be more money directly paid to them, and less claiming anything.

A little history for how I come to the conclusions that I am come to.

In the UK it is party politics, but it is still driven by class. So Labour hates the Conservatives and vice verse.

So Labour ministers, who have some brain cells, know they are going to loose the next election. So they will do their best to destroy the system.

Their only thoughts are to screw the incoming Conservatives. Their first thought is not for the country never would be never will be. Remember they are socialists, but when in power it everyone for themselves and if you going to lose it, why make it easy for the guy that takes it from you.

Note that even when writing letters Labour party people talk about the love for the party, NOT the love of the country they are apparently ruling.

Now as for the Conservatives, they are all about power, it is an expectation, thus you have MPs who when they speak their mind they look like real idiots. The people are jealous of me and my big house, etc...

They went to the right schools, they beat up on the smaller kids, why shouldn't they be in charge.

Again it is not for love of the country, you will never hear them say it, it is the party first.

A little history, if you want to know how I know all this, it has happened before. In Canada. Canada was ruined by two people, a primeminister and a finance minister. Brian Mulroney and David Wilson, they double teamed Canada just like Tony and Gordo.

David was smart enough not to take control after Brian, he ran like the others, leaving the party to the largest defeat in political history in the world.

In Canada we had another party to vote for, someone who would stand up.

In the UK, there is nothing. David Cameron is a product of the poor education system, same as those who are with him, full time public people, apparently it is a job, and so he thinks he know what to do.

Don't explain anything, someone might steal it (What steal good ideas for the country?) Steal ideas from his party, that would make the other party look good, but its the country that should come first.

Now, the election will be lost to labour, David Cameron will come in, and its going to be a mess. Hold a referendum? Well it will have all been passed and ratified so no point, this will be explained and the heat will be taken.

The pound will still be close to PAR with the Euro, and that means a year of it, and the ability to bring money in will limited, cuts will not be able to go deep enough, taxes will have to go higher, and this will not sit well.

Join the euro? That will be what Dave has to sell the people and he will. Its all labours fault, the money does not exist, we have to join the Euro.

The olympics coming up, it makes it easier, so we go Euro or accept it more for 2012 and convert 2013.

Unemployment will be around 2.5 things might look better but income from taxes will still be down.

Private health will be introduced on an insurance system, more and more people will find it is just easier to have health cover as the NHS will be limited on what it can do, spoon counter will be needed to make sure everything is running smoothly, but if you have the cash, no need to any of it, we do the op and cure all your ills.

To help bring down unemployment, the options will be limited, but David will come up with an idea like, guess what, Services, and the apparent regulation of Banking that looks like it has started to clean things up, will be loosened and we go at it again as before.

Now this is all 5 to 6 years away, so the new job will be held by people who have been pushed into university with limited skills and a very poor education in the first place, they will also be in debt to the eyeballs, so what do you do to pay off that debt? You take risk, you try and earn big money, and the ball rolls on.

In regards to the MPs and their spending, they will take the heat and increase their pay to 100K, it is possible that they might do 120 but then with the extras that they will give themselves they will be in the high earner tax bracket and they would not want that, they want to look like normal people so paying that much tax just will not do.

If it goes that high they will raise the upper limit so they are not part of it.

Second jobs will stay. This is a joke, it is a class system again, Labour know they are not worth employing, the others will be employed by their own, its a family thing.

Education, well it will not be turned around, it is beyond all that. We currently have teachers who teach children the easy way around things, and first and foremost is their rights. So by the age of 4 a child knows that if you ask it to do something like pick up a toy, you are violating its human rights.

Human rights taught at they age make you lazy, not well educated.

They will still teach only what they have to, count to 100 times tables to 12, and the basics, but not i before e etc, because it means work.

We have created a second generation of people who do not, nor feel that they actually have the need to work too hard.

(My experience)
When interviewing any English person for a job, the most important thing to him is overtime, what overtime do I get?

The basics should be for a job, if you are employed for 40 hours a week, then you can do your job in 40, but the English work only when they are earning what they feel they are worth, so they do not work until it is over time, this is why all buildings over run and no project ever finishes on time, it is built it British culture.

I have met Grads who could not speak clearly or describe how you use screw driver and a screw, this is the current level of education, so imagine that person teaching, what do you think that teachers pupils would turn out like? That is what we currently have.

More to come, as typing this has made me depressed.