Monday, 17 January 2011

Insurance Company NOT to use

Insurance Company NOT to use

Provident Insurance - I unfortunately had care insurance with them and during the bad weather I had an accident.

I called them the next day, and I have had nothing back, so I complained and I got 1 email, then no reply nothing. I think they are going to try and hold on to the insurance claim until my insurance expires which is in Feb.

I have made a data protection act request for all information etc and they asked for £10, I said sure in my reply to which they have ignored. They don't even want to respond to my reply of sure, I want everything I will pay for it.

NEVER EVER EVER USE Provident Insurance

I paid for fully Comp, they did not provide me with a courtesy car, they woman on the phone said, even though I paid for the service, they are not going to provide me with one, that was it. No.

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Important - Please Tweet a Warning about Provident Insurance let people know DO NOT USE Provident Insurance

Send emails to Amore, Amalia (Cla.PI) [] -Ask her to resolve claim 456P059183 (Maybe we can get them to do something with people power.

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year New Future...

DC to drop bomb that the UK will start accepting the Euro and all stores will have to post exchange rates and start accepting the Euro, working towards the 2012 games.

War with North Korea to start. North Korea to start it.

London to suffer terrorist attack mid summer. (Police close to stopping it, but don't)

Ireland more in debt, Spain to need bail out.

Anti Euro protests to start in France and Germany.

Rough prodictions...
North Korea I mean it looks bad, and with the old boy on his way out, no serious leadership to takes its place, the next guy or guys might want to prove something.

Iran, wast of time, stale mate.

Isreal, same thing, they will keep building regardless of international law, the peace movement is just not going to move there at all.

Obama going to try hard, but not going to improve his ratings, (long shot - Hillery to quit on the off chance the Dems will put her against him for nomination for running for president - long shot)

Dave Cam here, not going to do too well, but the coalition will stay, the Libdems can not quit, they will be wiped from the political planet, so they have to stick it out.

Labour not a serious threat, its possible that some time in the new year the brothers will have a go at one another, not all is happy in that camp trust me.

expenses scandal to come back as Dave will remove the "new system" to return to the old.

The economy will be stable, things will grow and interest rates will increase in the summer, it can not continue with savers not earning anything on their investments.

Stock Market to increase greatly, gold to go down. 
Those are just a general outline.