Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Glen Beck and who does what...

Glen Beck Wow, now this is fantastic....

Part 1

Part 2

This is the most amazing thing

Tory Policy?

Read this - Now I know that the Bracknell Tory Candidate isn't even bothering to answer questions about this, not even responding. Labour has and the Greens, and Lib Dems, but the Tory is no place to be seen. Tory, if it is a safe seat, we don't care....

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Mandy Says...

Right so Mandy says than many politicians say things off mic that they do not believe, it happens all the time, so does that mean that everything they say on mic they believe?

Is it not the case that when you know that you are not being recorded that you show your true self?

Poor reporting means that these questions will never be asked. You need to throw Mandy a curve ball, but the BBC would never ask them.

Question, when you are off Mic do you not let yourself speak as you feel?

1 Million Member attempt for Gordon is a Wanker Group!

We want 1 Million members for Gordon is a Wanter Facebook Group!


Right, now the BBC have a serious problem, how do they load the audience with Labour people now? I mean who is going to vote labour now?

So it was private? So it should be kept Private? Hang on, we have more CCTV camera's on our streets, you want our DNA you want all our Details, so why the hell should be be able to slag off people in private?

Who is going to Egg Brown?

Right, who is going to throw an Egg at Gordon now? Please Someone throw something at that TWAT!

Gordo, that mic is live...

Gordon Brown shows his real color, the man just does not like the public. If he was an honest man he would say, that is another one, what are we doing about this, why have we failed so badly?

Problem is, she was a bigot! That was the problem, not the issue that she raised.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

PR or AV

David is just not that smart, or it is those who are advising him. You don't scare people with they want PR or they want AV.

PR or AV sounds like an honest system, I mean ever vote counts right? Whats wrong with that?

If Dave had any brains he would tell them, every country that has PR is a shambles, and give examples, Italy etc. It is a waste, it does not work. Show people, then they will understand, it should be that simple, but threatening people, and saying it will not work, well you look like a bully.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Going green, this is it, science has lied to us, they still believe...

Here we go, they are all going to make out that if we stopped flying from london to Scotland then this country would be green, that just leads me to ask, do they read anything?

Afgan, and Dave has lost the Election

Dave says I agree with Gordon, and that will lose him vote andwill loose him the election.

The Debate part 2

First question, Europe. So tomorrow willt he correct questions be asked by reporters? That question is, so do yuo honestly believe that if we left europe that all trade with them would stop, they would no longer trade with us? Do you honestly believe that?


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Egg o'meter count increases...

Eggo'meter 1 - David gets Egged.... Watch the video

Remember we want 100 Eggs throw at these idiots, and I will donate money to charity.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Clegg'o Vision...

I love this LibDem push we are having, its great for all those idiots who are saying they will never win, they seem to forget, if enough people vote, in the right places, they can win, that is how elections work, but by the by...

What we are also getting, again, is poor reporting, and poor question asking.

LibDems will take up into Europe, they have dropped this, In/Out vote they wanted.

Once in Europe we would become a state of Europe and that would it be for the country of England. This is the most important thing to remember, yet again, we get the parties attacking each other, and not attempting to explain what they want.

The Tories could take on this no tax on the first 10000, which all in all isn't too bad an idea, but really needs to be something we can afford, and it could work with a reform of benefits, people who are collecting get out on the street and work, sweep the streets. Keep the criminals in jail.

Something also needs to be done about council tax, as paying £100 a month for 250sq ft of space, and not having any form of police responces is really insane but this is what I pay, and with being broken into twice in 1 year, and never seeing a policeman, what am I paying for? No kids in school, singleman so very little garbage.

It really is not right.

Dave is a lost cause, I tried and tried to like him, but its just wishful thinking that he has learned anything, or could fight his corner.

Brown, well, we really have to get rid of him, and we can only pray that after the election that the people left in labour have the balls enough to put the knife in, maybe it is time for someone to out Brown, get him out of the closet and be damned with it, everyone knows he is, and getting proof isn't that hard.

Clegg, if he wants to win out right, and be PM, I have 1 thing that will do it for him. Put Tony up for war crimes, publish and be damned everything, and send him to the Hague, it is possible, I have been looking into the BS of international law (Witch by the way does not really exist), and it is possible. If he promised to look into doing that, and get the troops out, he would be PM in May.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

To sort out the UK

Here is a list of things that I would do, if I was in charge...

1. Death Penalty - 5 Levels of appeal, and 10 years for them to happen, then pull the switch.
(The odds of you going to jail and being put to death by mistakes are much less than the odds of another terror attack, live with it, you break the law bad enough, it costs you your life!, DEAL WITH IT!)

2. Three strikes and its life. In this case, life means life. I will give you the option of taking the death penalty and for that we will take the average living age, deduct your age, take what money it would cost to keep you alive, and then give it to a school, or something in the criminals honour, so you can have the chance to do something good with your life, even though you are a scum sucking criminal.

3. Cut the number of MPs in half, cut the Lords in Half. Make lords 75% elected, the last 25% to come from peoples vote nominations and random selections of the general public, so it is possible that we can have real people in the lords. Also, a peoples jury, a random selection of 20/30 people once a year who get "paid time from work" freedom of the government to see what is going on.

(For all you idiots jumping up and down about security, of course security checks would be done, secrets acts signed etc, and if you are one of those idiots, go take a long walk of a short pier)

4. Quango? What the hell is that when its at home, its stupid. Kill the lot of them. (It is a government cover up that these things actually do work, or help/assist in running your country, you have a government department for Education/Health etc, they decided and they do the work, no need for extra jobs for the boys clubs)

5. 10 Years, thats it for an MP, after that your gone. (2x5year terms max) No outside jobs when your an MP, and we pay for all you need. No pension, no extras. (But Who would do it if you said no pension? Don't you believe it, when you have been in power, you come out you sell yourself, you make money, you think Hoon and that other lot are just a few bad apples??)

6. NO ONE NEW ENTERS THE COUNTRY! We are an island, we have limited space, and we have millions who are not working, so DOORS CLOSED! (Again for the people who would complain, ask yourself one question, How do they get here? They at least gotta go through one other country that could take them, so they can stay there!)

7. IF YOU CAN WALK, YOU CAN WORK! Yeah, I know what it is like to have a bad back, but guess what, I work, I have done since I was 16, so can you. You can sweep the streets, you can work. If you want benefits, then once a day you go out into the street and you sweep it. It is the very least you can do.

8. Oh yeah, Europe, we are out, sorry. We want trade only, not your rules or laws.

9. Scotland, your on your own. No Scotish MPs.

10. Wales, Do you want out?

11. Ireland, same thing.

You might wonder why those last three, but lets face it, you have to have the vote, if you want in, then you are in, if you want out, then get out.

As mentioned before, we need to learn the lessons from Canada, the french hold Canada up for ransom, or they used to, two referendums, and personally we should have made them go the last time, less than 1 percent decided it, but they know which side of the bread is buttered, and they stayed, and it works. So the same with the Scots, and the Welsh, give them the choice, and if they stay, then they stay and no special treatment. NO HALF MEASURES!

These things are tough. Also, the first few the general public would LOVE, but again, its calls for someone who can say, this is the way it is and this is what I stand for. We don't have any of that leading any of the parties at the moment, we have, "We Agree", "They Agree with me", "I Agree with him". What we want is, "This is all bull shit, and I am sorry I have to stand here and do this, what I want is what you want, a job, a roof over my head, and not to pay 60% of everything I earn to the government to see it pissed away."

Oh yeah, some place near the top, NO MORE AID! Let me explain this, if your kids are sick, you by medicine to make them better, you don't then turn around and give it to the neighbours kids, you give it to your own first. We are a sick country, we need to be healthy before we take care of the rest of the planet!

Signing off. Tough Choices, Tough Measures.... No Bullshit

Friday, 16 April 2010

Because I like it

I thought I would add this from one of the Blogs, I like the list, I like the Blog so, have a read..

Labour's Wall Of Shame

With no end to the recession, Labour attack strategy misfires - Guido Fawkes
Labour intended to socially engineer Britain by allowing mass immigration and by fostering multi-culturialism - Sunday Telegraph
The recession is not over, and I do not think it will be for some time yet - Daniel1979 Jacqui can keep the cash in exchange for an apology - Guido Fawkes
Gordon in £16bn firesale, rapid privitisation of public assets to plug defecit void - Daily Mail
"I'm Harriet Harman - you know where to find me" Deputy PM Crashes Into Parked Car Whilst Talking On Mobile - Sunday Mail
Could Labour Fold? - Iain Dale
Gordon Brown Is Missing The Point On Childcare - Daily Telegraph
The Sun Says "Labour's Lost It" - The Sun
The Attorney-General Baroness Scotland to be quizzed over £170,000 of claims she was not entitled to - Sunday Times
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David Miliband says on Radio 4 that terrorism is justifiable and effective - Nile Gardiner, DT Blogs
Secret plan by Blairites urging Lord Mandelson to return to Commons in safe seat - Sunday Telegraph
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Brown helped cause the economic crisis - Wall Street Journal
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Alistair Darling charged Tax-Payers for two homes at same time - Daily Telegraph
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Derek Draper admits he lied to me - Iain Dale
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Beckett's nice little earner - Daily Mail
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Labour Lords will change laws for cash - The Times

Change 2010 - Forums and Website... - Unedited Debate only on the Change 2010 website. I want to hear what you say...

Autistic News and important words...

Autistic Blog interesting words on this Blog about the election.

Lessons From Canada

Lessons from Canada - What did I talk about earlier in my blog?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

china on itv and labour on bbc

So on the bbc we have an all labour audience and on itv we have the scots talking about china, and yes david said china is a threat.

UKIP is really going to gain votes and so are the minor parties, up the BNP.

Also, by not increasing tax we are taking money out of the economy? Can anyone explain that?

Is labour socialist? If so then why do the not want to introduce 100% inheritance tax? He dislikes the tory letting people leave more money to their children, so why not take it all away and give it to those who need it? I would love to see this being put to brown, but nope no one will. It would stop brown and force him to clarify where he stands on wealth, which I think people would be interested in.

Dave, with any luck will have had a wake up call, and start asking brown questions asking brown to respond, but ask brown thinks that are not expected.

ask brown will he cut MPs wages by 5% and freeze it?

Dave misses all these things, maybe he should have an ear piece so people can point out all these things he misses.

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Nick Clegg his biggest problem

Simple, if not for Gordo saying he and Clegg agree Nick would be a happy boy, and the looser is, Dave.

Dave just doesn't have it, as everyone says, whatever IT is, dave just does not make you believe, and why is he not prepared! More police? That's a lie and we all know it, the extra police are pco dumy police who are all giddy with power and but don't realize they don't have any.

Also why did dave have to say he talked to a 40 year old black man? Dave needs help and without help he isn't going to win.

UKIP - Sod the lot vote UKIP!

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

School Children

Passing notes in class it just makes me laugh...

History Lesson

History Lesson that the UK needs to learn - Once you have read this, then you should go and do a little digging about who Brian Mulroney and David Wilson are. They distroyed Canada, and ran. In the case of Brian Mulroney, much like Tony Blair, he as been to court a couple of times, and if not for one person staying in a country in which Canada can not get to him, he would be a convicted criminal. He was in it for the money, and what it could get him. David Wilson, his partner in crime of which part Gordon Brown has taken, distoryed Canada to the point of having to introduce a crippling tax, which distoryed Canada and only in the last few years has Canada been able to recover from.

I have explained this to various people, and they understand, what will not happen is you will not see this reported nor will you see it reported that there is a possibility of it happening here. The polls in Canada showed it was not going to be this bad, but it turned out to be.

The English are just generally not that bright, and not able to take in details, this is why the political class is able to pull the wool over their eyes so often. Also, the English buy this only two party thing, which is the biggest load of BS ever sold by the reporters of this country, or any pundit.

IF people voted for the 3rd party, the 3rd party would win, it is possible for them to win, it is not a "lost vote". Also AV, and other insane system which allow for more parties to get involved. Will you see anyone bring up the idea that this allows the BNP in? Nope, but it would. It would not just allow for LibDems, it would allow for Greens and BNP.

If you mentioned this to Gordo, what would he say? I would be willing to place money on the fact that Gordo would talk about banning the BNP, some how they would no longer have the right to voice their opinion.

What we have in this country, is a BBC which has reporters who are not restricted on what they can and will say, so certain things will never be questioned, and a public which is truly gullible and without the ability to think clearly, they are drunks and drug users who a simply willing to allow anyone direct them because it is easier than thinking for themselves.

The British public need something or someone to awaken them, but I fear what would happen.

Friday, 9 April 2010

MPs' Expenses

Just a thought....

Try this, if you are lucky enough to meet your local want-to-be, ask him/her to sign a contract between you and him/her. Your name, and their name, a contract stating they they will always act, within their power, for your best interest, and for the best interest of the local people, and will not claim one penny more than is required for their job, and for them to do their job.

I would lay money on the fact they would run scared, the reason being that a contract with their name on it, and your name on it would be something that could go to court, but their "contract with the people" is something they can ignore because it really does not exist.

Try it, I am going to try and get a general contract drawn up and posted here, lets see what you think...

Gordon Brown orders ...

Right so I read the Telegraph and I think, sure like this is ever going to happen. It is not, they are going to hide whatever they can.

What I like about America, in the States when Joe the plumber said something, everyone wanted to meet him, talk to him, get his point if view.

We have had the PM be asked a question by the member of the public and he has ignored him, fine, he was busy at the time, but now you chase him down and talk to him, you then look like you care...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Change 2010 - Forums and Website...

Change 2010

Launched for this Election only, for the first time, a public only forum for the Change 2010 Election. We are NOT Tory, We are NOT Labour, We are NOT ANY political party. We want to hear what you have to say about the parties.

Go directly to the Forums and sign up and start talking and posting.

I will take it upon myself to direct everything posted to the party it is directed at.

Second Hand Goods...

Right, so I read on Britannia Radio that police are now asking for stores to take thumb prints of people who sell them stuff.

Ok, about 10 years behind the time because everyone with a brain knows you go to a pawn shop to buy stolen goods.

Now, how about dealing with this we buy your gold stuff, because all you have to do is go and steal gold from someone and put it in the post, cash returned via the same.


But again no one is going to mention this, no one will talk about this. The second hand good stores can take all the prints they like but no one will go to jail for it, because, human rights, and because it was not a print taken buy someone who is trained at taking prints, the records could be messed with, because they will not be in a locked up and kept safe, and the people who keep the records will not have been trained to handle the records correctly.

This is why this country is screwed, no one uses their common sense. When I got broken into, and as mentioned before the police could not be bothered to walk the 300 yards, I started by going to the pawn shop and telling them what was stolen of mine and giving them the details, no problem he said.

The pawn shop, about 500 yards from the police station, said they never see the police, so would not know if anything they had was stolen or not, hey its a living.

People steal mobile phones, guess what you can post those in and get money back, now its gold, gee I wonder what people are going to start stealing?

It just like all this crap they sold us about a 4 digit number being safer than someone seeing you sign for something.

Now anyone can use anyone elses card, man or woman who cares, if you have 4 numbers you can use it. Steal someones cards kick them about a bit make them give you the number and away you go, no worries, because no one gets to see that Mrs Davies card is being used by some 6' tall black man, because he has the pin.

The joke is, the public actually believe what they are being told...

Last Bunch of Blogs

If you had not guessed I was watching Question Time, and commenting on what was being said.

Now I guess I need to explain why I feel so upset, because simple language was not used and again the public, who have not been taught how to thing, could not figure out what was being said.

Now to explain, as Janet did so well, but because the English are overly stupid, it needs to be explained in an even more dumbed down way.

Labour is increasing Tax, or NI, which is something that is taken by your Employer directly out of your pay packet and given to the Government.

The Tories want to reverse this increase, or Not take this extra money from your pay packet.

Labour says the Tories are taking money out of the economy if they do not increase tax.

Question, is the Government the only economy? Surely if you leave more money with the people who earn it, the money is still in the economy?

This very basic response to Labour, your taking money out of the Economy, was never used, nor could the public see it.

To explain it in Baby terms; Everyone who works for Bob gets paid £10, from that they pay £3 in Tax. so they receive £7.

Now, after the increase, they receive £6.50.

Does this mean that £0.50 has been removed from the Ecomony?

I know one thing? It means that because I have £0.50 less to spend, I might not be able to save as much as I wanted to buy that new TV when I wanted to, it means I will have less to spend on food, and clothes.

Now, may I ask? Who is taking money out of the Economy?

Right, one last thing....


To explain, if I TAX you that extra £0.50, and then create a job, doing what, I know "smoking cessation officer" (That is a job that has been created under Labour, and ever NHS Hospital has at least 3) to do the paper pushing etc.

Does that make your public services better or more bloated?

Does the fact that in the NHS you have people dedicated to the counting of spoons (Again if you do a little digging you will find that this is true, job title is something to do with catering, but its cutlery manager, or something) Does that make you think, my taxes are being well spent? Or is it just possible, that your taxes are being used to make work?

Me, I think the English have had the system too long, it looks after you, so why should I work, I know at least 2 families who have 3 generations of people who have never worked, and they simply say, why should I, they pay me, I do what they want me to do, a course, a class, and they pay me more, why get up at 7am, to rush to a job when I know I don't need to.

Honestly, I am beginning to think they are right.

This country is Broken, and it needs a revolution to fix it...

What's wrong with this country

The last few years. I have been broken into twice, never saw a policemen, I live 300 yards from the police station in Reading. I did get glossy letters for support about dealing with it.
I pay £100 a month council tax, I live in 1 room 15x20 foot room.
I was cheated by my one time empolyer who lowered my wage to below minimum wage and never paid me on time. I went to ACAS and got a total of 3 emails, their advisor said go to CAB? you do not need a real person to do that, yet she has a job, and I still have no idea what happened.
NHS, well where do I start. I have seen doctors who think antibiotics kill people so they will never give them to anyone no matter how much crap you cough out of your lungs over 2 months. I have seen doctors charge for letters that are templates £20 for a signature to a senior citizen.
Doctors who, because of 'goals and targets' let people with dislocated shoulders sit for hours in waiting rooms when it could be resolved quickly within minutes, but no they wait causing more damage to the joint.
This country is more than broken, and so far from what I have seen the politicians are just going to lie to us throughout this entire election.
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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

inheritance tax

Did David Milly just say it was a waste of public money decreasing the level of inheritance tax? I hate to inform you it is not public money it belongs to the people who you are taking it from!
Also during party conference the Tories mentioned it, Labour did it! Now the Tories mention it and its a bad thing.
If David was a proper socialist he would be saying 100 inheritance tax is the only fair way. But again no reporter is ever going sugest that even when they say they are a socialist.
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Tony said...

So milly boy says Gordo will be there for the full parliament, but that's what TB said, so what will Gordo do? If they make it in I think GB will find himself shot, someone will take it onto themselves and rid this country of him.
How about an openly gay leader with a Brazilian? lets face it all the rich folks will love it.
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PR - what reporters should do...

Right, so Labour is pro PR now. Right so all you need to say is, yes that's great with PR the BNP will have a few MPs that's great. With PR we boost the BNP and wait for Labour to respond..
We need reporters ask these questions we need to see reporters with brains asking challenging questions.
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If your a christian your ment to do nothing and allow anyone to do anything against you. Because you are a christian you must take it with a smile.
What he said was honest and he supported someones religious believes problem is he supported a christian.
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tax increase

So, here we are, Labour is going to raise NI and the Tories are going to stop it. Labour says they can not pay for it and it I'd taking money out of the economy. Is goverenment the only economy?
It is a tax, and a tax on people who employ people.
The questions that no reporter will ever ask. Why? What makes you right and them wrong?
I want to start an Eggo meter, to count the number of eggs that are thrown at politicians over the next 4 weeks. If the number reaches 100 I will give £100 to charity. £1 per egg!
Not increasing tax does not mean you are taking money out of the economy. It means you are leaving it in the economy.
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