Sunday, 30 August 2009

Network Help

While I am here, I might as well advertise a new business that has been started.

Network Help Ltd. - If you are a small business and you are looking for IT support, please give this guy a call.


Food Bank...

I have an Idea.

I want to start a charity. A food bank. Where people who have the money to buy food can buy an extra can of beens or an extra can of soup and give it to the food bank, which will then give out shopping bags to those who do not have the money to buy their own.

Since my employer has decided it is easier not to pay me, and thus I am having to spend my savings to pay my rent council tax, petrol so I can work, food etc, I could do with a food bank.

They are a staple in Toronto, as it is so expensive to life there I know people with full time jobs who can only exist because of food banks.

Food Banks, soon to be in an English City near you...

Tax Revolt...

Just a thought, but since the council tax is so insane, I pay £100 a month for a 15x20 foot room. The local police never walk the streets and the children have no idea what school is, what is it that council tax goes on? It can not be the garbage collection, they don't do that around here, and as a single man I would rather pay per bag disposed of than what I am paying now.

Why doesn't someone organize a Tax Revolt?

Lets face it, we will have 20% VAT within 2 years, (This is guaranteed)

We are paying more to the EU, more to the unemployed, and collecting less because more people ar out of work, and we owe Billions.

How do you pay it back? You raise taxes, so %20 VAT is a given, it is going to happen.

(For those of you who are reading thing, remember the Title, Futire History, and I hold an almost 100% record of correctness)

We did it with fuel, lets do it with council tax or other taxes, otherwise your going to be broke, and broken and begging for a job and looking for a soup kitichen like the ones that are already being run in Reading.

So far so right...

So, as we read about how MP are now begining to come around to the view that they really should be able to do what they want, because the BBC is going to stand up for the idea that we public should not be told where and what their money is being spent on.

I find myself laughing.

The English are proving themselves as stupid as ever and are going to swallow whatever their MPs say, and the BBC will get away with doing whatever it likes.

Now, how do you feel about paying a license fee that enables the BBC to provide a Free TV station to the middle east.

How about all that Internet Content that you pay for, and they give away for Free?

People in the USA can watch BBC TV and not pay a dime. Yet, if you don't pay, they come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Wait a minute, if you want Sky TV, you have to Pay the BBC, but its via a Satellite, couldn't you turn off the BBC and thus get away with not paying the license fee?

Here is a free idea for Sky. Give people the option, with or without the BBC, and when you do the install disable the TV from receiving signals from anything othat that the Satellite, then surely the BBC could not force people to pay the license fee.

I for one never watch the BBC, if I want honest news I go else where, why watch the labour driven BBC?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Silence is to deafening...

GB thinks that keeping his nose out of it, will keep him out of it.


Sad he is not able to think...

Ask yourself this question, he wrong to Colonel Kadaffi, so he must have known it was going to happen otherwise, how could he write the letter?

The press have not caught on yet, and again not asked the right questions.

They report, he wrote a letter, asking for a low key return, but how did he know the return was going to happen?