Monday, 28 November 2011


This will be a daily thing, after visiting my father who is in Hospital with, what was a possible stroke, but now they are unsure.

They want to do a Lumbar punchure because they are worried about doing another scan because of the way he was moving his head.

Interestingly, if you write to andrew langsley his parliment email address about nhs matters it says they can not help you.

I guess you need a different email address, maybe I will just post video blogs of it and let the goverment catch more crap for having such poor health care!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

My father..

I ask for your best thoughts and wishes as my father had a stroke, and is in hospital, it has taken 24 hours for them to figure out his name is Bill, I guess I did not mention it enough time, and then the light goes on, on maybe thats why he looks at us funny when we call him william!

I am a Canadian, we have a "Free" health care system, I have also traveled, the UK has a 3rd world health system, while I am sure they are doing all they can, being with my father in the hospital while he is just lying there, and listening to the nurses, I just want to weep, thank god he can not hear it.

My mother was in the hospital for thefirst 4 or 5 months of the year, it was horrid then.

I pitty anyone needing healthcare here.

I need to explain things, because in the UK everything is coin feed.

They can not do an operation because they do not have the money, while in all other countries in the world, if you have an operating room, you have nurses and doctors, and the other required tool, you can actually do an operation, but not in the UK.

Here in the UK you need the money to do it. Just because you are paying the doctors, and the nurses, and the electric bill, and you actually own the required tools, that does not mean you can actually put them all togeather and make them work.

You see, in the UK everything is driven by over time. No one works in this country unless it is on over time. The standard wage you pay is just to make sure they show up, not to actually make sure they do any work.

Thus you get strikes like we are about to have. It is just a matter of, it is the way it is.

Friday, 25 November 2011

The strike

If those at the top hand any balls they would announce a cut in the deal offered by 5% if the strike goes ahead.

After the strike, cut it by 10%

With all the people out of work, lets face it, you could fire the union people, and employ people at a much cheaper rate and sign them to a non union contract.

I hate to repeate myself...

Listening to Nick Clegg on the radio really seals the deal, that is what you get when you pay for an education, someone that throws out more butts than a dying motor. I swear he sounded like he was trying to start a motor boat or a lawn mower, then he defended himself like every other politician, just keep talking and they can not interrupt you which kills time and the interview is over and you have really said nothing.

Before that they interviewed a 20 year old who has been out of work. Now is it me, or just listening to here did you think that she hadn't finished school? 

The reason why so many kids are not in work is simple:

1, their parents have never really worked, or they work for the government which amounts to the same thing.

2, they are as thick as a brick and really are not worth keeping alive. (Sadly we are not allowed to say some people are just stupid, so we release them into the world)

3, they are lazy, this comes from having parents who work for the government, or having parents who have never worked, and lets face it, what is the point if you can get away with it.

4, if they listen to the radio, or watch the new, what do they see? Rich men in charge who steal what they want and tell us we are all in it together.

If I was a politician, lets face it, I would be doing what they are doing, complaining the way I claim money back is too hard, I would buying and doing up houses and renting them, beating up banks to make sure that, I as an MP should be getting much better rates than any of the plebs around, which we all know they do, throw their weight around to get free stuff and extras.

If any politician was really interested he might spend a little time on the Internet, checking out the social media places and seeing what people put down as political views, 90% of them will say they think it is all a load of BS.

I have said this before, and it is all going on deaf ears, since few people read this, but..

The political class are not interested, they have it, a safe seat is a safe seat, the money is safe, they don't actually have to do anything, and when they get found out for doing nothing, what do they do? Nothing, there are MPs who have never held a surgery, what does anyone say about it? Nothing, they are not accountable to anyone.

Oh yeah, did anyone see Chris Huhne last night on question time, a man with no worries, why? Because the deal was done months ago and he is going to get away with it! Remember I broke the news of the deal here first. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Confidence - Very Important...

Confidence is something that is very important, yet I have none.

I see David Cameron and I want to break into Tears, I honestly do, this is the man that is in charge of the come back, in charge of trying to return this country to something worth while.

I thank God I have decided to end my life next year, for I have zero Confidence in the political class that we have running this country.

Apparently George has bought a castle, how nice for him. Some of us are praying that we will be able to pay the rent next month, and we have jobs! I have no idea how someone pays the rent without a job.

Lets face it, Gordon was an idiot, and the lot they have in now, are not much better, and well what can you say about Cleg, in a debate sure he looks good, but...

This country is lost.