Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Falklands

This is the next big thing. This is the one thing that the UK does not need right now, and with the people we have in power, and the people who are likely to come into power Argentina has the best chance ever to take control of the islands and take the oil that we have found there.

Does anyone thing we will stand upto them this time?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Autism Blog that will be worth Reading...

For those of you who care, and for those of you who do not, I have very close contact with an Autistic 8 year old, she is my Daughter.

I don't talk about it, and like our current crop of keep the family out of it MPs, I just support it and promote it when I can. - This is the forums that I host. - This is a fantastic Blog, by some one who understands.

Autism is close to my heart, having been through a very rough childhood, during a time when a child being diagnosed with Autism or dyslexia was just very unlikely to happen.
I sat with child goodie goodies, who offered me nothing, and caused me, and I should think my parents no end of good.

I know I have problems, but for me its been simple, everyone else is wrong and I work through it, noththing ever goes wrong if you put your head down and work, because with you head down you can not see what is coming.

What I would like, and I ask this here, is very simple. I would like a teacher, just one, but more than one would be great, to logon to and post something, I would like a teacher to get involved, and offer some advice. They could learn about how to handle autistic children, or how to see things differently.

It can only make you a better teacher, asking questions and finding out how the parents deal with their children, then maybe you might be able to deal with them for the few hours you have them.

Autism - learning to understand should be the first step.

British Council gets in on the climate act

British Council gets in on the climate act
You really got to love this. Why is it not being reported on the BBC? 

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Political correctness

So we have a cop going to jail for being a bad guy. Gee what a shocker.

But I have been hearing something on the radio and on TV that has me thinking.

Black Police association, but isn't that racist?

Why do we have to have it? Surely under todays laws, we all know we can not have a Whites only group, look at the BNP, so why are we allowing a Black Group? This is racist, or can someone explain to me why it is not.

So it allows white people to join, then it is not racist but the name is misleading and that is against the law isn't it?

Guess what? No reporter will ask this question, the public will be left in the dark again.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

David Cameron

Now, talking to my parents, my mother who will vote BNP because, and she is right, no other party really gives a damn about a 75 year old woman.

My father who will always vote Tory because he believes, not in David Cameron, but that Toffs will always save the day.

Me, I live in Reading, I have seen my Local MP on TV twice and in the local paper a few times, but I do not have a clue who is replacing him, or who is standing for the other parties.

Me, I think, what I write is going to come true. I will repeat what I have said before, and I am sure it will come true now we have Gordo crying doing an interview with the God of honesty.

Gordo will break down during the Iraq white wash, saying it was all Tony's idea, and he was bullied in to it.

David will end up if he is lucky in charge, but with no power and the Lib Dems firmy up Gordo's backside (Which we all know he will enjoy, but NO ONE HAS THE GUTS TO OUT HIM) because he has already done the deal with AV. (My proof comes from the Cape, and if you spend just a little time checking you'll find it too)

NOW, some simple truths about AV, if the public are smart they will figure out that it means nothing, IF you only vote for 1 person, and do not vote for any other then it is still first past the post. (Reporters take notes, this is the sort of thing you might want to bring up, because any "Smart" person would be able to organize this.)

Back to the story, my mother will vote BNP because she doesn't know what DC will do, and nor do I. I see his face, I see lots of mocking posters, and I hear nothing.

What I would like to Hear from the Tories, 1 - ID CARDS DEAD IN WATER. 2 - Health care IT DEAD IN WATER. 3 - Defra green policies DEAD IN WATER. 4 - Europe retro active referendum.

The last is a bit of a giggle because they say there is nothing that can be done about it, which is a lie, but again no reporter will say it.

To explain, it is not something that is written into our DNA, so we can reverse it, remove it from law, say NO to it. But that would take someone with standing, with guts, someone with a brain.

Now when any politician says, but you can not do that. Well, they tell us they are going to repeal the hunting law, which by the way Dave will NEVER DO, so you repeal the treaty.

I have asked politicians to explain to me, One member of the public, how they can honestly think what they claimed for was right and propper when you read just those two pages of the green book.

Not one has it in them to explain, if they can not defend that how do you honestly expect them to be honest about their reasons for wanting to run the country.

2 Programs that I want C4 to make. I can be a Banker, they get any member of the public to shadow a banker and do his job for a month.

I can be an MP, forget asking MPs to live on benfits, thats a joke and is turning out to be. Shadow an MP and have a member of the publlic comment of it. Like I would claim those cookies if where you.

Show how little they do, don't ask them to mix with the general public, let the public do their jobs!