Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Obama - Now we will see Change....

So, Obama took a kicking, and if you read all about it then you will know they think it was just a normal day at the polls, but if history can teach him one thing, and apparently he is someone who knows a little about history, it will teach him that he should actually talk to the otherside with his ears open, you never know they might actually have a point, or a suggestion.

Now the US press will not go down the route of we are leaving all the debt to our children to pay off.

There are some things that I would like to see the press do for a story, and I am not talking the FOX type of story, nor the MSNBC story, I am talking about honestly thinking about things.

As far as I am aware Governments do not create jobs. Sure they employ people, they have people to do things, but those people are paid with tax money, and not all that money comes back to the govermnet in the fomr of tax, so it is always at a loss when they make a job or hire someone.

Since I am in Starbucks I will break it down roughly....

Say you have a country of 1000
Out of this 1000 you have 100 unemployed. 10%
Out of the 1000 you have 50 who are disabled (Disability (Complete outlay) Zero Income
Out of the 1000 you have 250 Government workers (Including leaders MPs etc.
This leaves you with 600 people to earn manage and generate the Tax for that 400 that are working to rule the 600.

Out of that 600 say you have 50 People who are the big wigs, paying top rate tax and companies.
From there you have 150 people paying middle rate of tax.

From the last 400 you have 300 average earmers and 100 lower wage earners...

Now, with those numbers, all you need to do is fill in some Tax rates and create average wage and top wage numbers and you will see that the government is top heavy.

Those numbers you are reading and the averages working out to more than a couple of countries. You will see that with Tax rate and cost of living, which I have not bothered to layout mean that the more the government spends the tougher it is going to be for my little country to live.

What I would like to see is someone, Glen Beck like (its just the first name that comes to mind) to create a little country using simple numbers and fill in the blanks and see that the way the US is going it will never work.

Am I asking too much?