Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Since I am not allowed to go to the Funeral, or have an input into what is happening to him, and since all his, well known, last wishes are being ignored, I shall post here his last hours in his own house.

After suffering abuse from his wife because he allowed the kettle to boil dry, he went upstairs to get away from all the yelling.Not too long after that it would have started, first a pain in the neck so bad he would have become immobilized, with cramps throughout the body, none of which he could respond to, then no control over his bowls.

Being a diabetic he required pill, this caused further compilications, causing his kidneys to start to fail and increasing the pain. All Friday he was parralized on his bed, with his wife down stairs, no point in checking on him. I arrived Friday night and asked where was dad and was given a blast of abuse, he burnt the kettle dry, so I assumed he had gone to bed to get away from it. Saturday morning, while making her a cup of tea, I made him one, and took it up, only to be asked why, by his ever so caring wife. I found my father in a condittion from which he was never to recovered.


They think she is wonderful and will be enjoying the funeral, and helping the poor widdow who had lied to them from day one. Not one will have the guts to say anything about how she has treated me, his son.I am the only one who actually cared.God rest in peace Dad, I will be with you soon, nothing on this fucking planet to stick around for. Less than 6 Months to go.

There will be a Memorial game for my father at Poole town, I am looking at the 28th of Jan.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year and last 6 months of this Blog

My mother has proven herself to be entirely evil, sucking me into buying all her Christmas food, and then telling me that the Service for my father has been arranged, guess what, I am his son, guess what, I had zero input.

It is time to tell the story on my mother.

Vera Grace - She who left my father to suffer for 36 hours because, and I give you a direct quote from any of her ravings 'Why the fuck should I!'

My father who by all accounts was not feeling well on Thursday, burnt the kettle dry, this is very rare for him to do anything like that because of the violent hell that my mother would, and did unleash upon him, so not feeling too well he went up stairs to his room.

My father is a diabetic, he needs pills to control this.

He did not come down Thursday night, not Friday morning, after noon or evening.

Now, me, I would have figured something was wrong, not seeing someone who needs pills, and knowing that he is upstairs, no kitchen or food, only tap water, I would have checked, so would most people, but not my mother.

I found him Saturday morning when I took up a cup of tea, she couldn't be bothered, by then it was too late.

Vera Joyce Grace is a murder, she murdered my father as sure as anything.

Never mind the fact that none of my father last wishes will ever be taken into account.

My mother is going to have him cremated and then pour his ashes down the toilet to shit on them one last time.

Never mind the fact that some of my fathers family would like something to remember him by, she is busy throwing everything out, helping her niece, who owns two houses, with everything she needs.

Me? I rent, I have a second hand car.

I have never done drugs, never been arrested, no jail time, just money problems, and to hear my mother talk about me, you would think I had run around killing people.

I can not wait to end it all.

I am wrapping things up where I work, so that someone will be able to walk into the job, and I am going to check out of this fucking horrid little world that we live in.

A world where someone can to that to someone they live with, and get away with it, and still get sympathy, disgusts me to my core.