Thursday, 8 March 2012


Bill Grace has a wonderful family, Valma Glenn who worked for the CBC for years in the News Department was only interested in what she could get, so much so that she stole the only things that could be gotten out of the house before Vera Joyce Jackson destroyed it all.

Her (Valma Glenn) first thought when finding out that her Brother was in hospital was, "he promised me his stamp collection." That was the first thing to her mind. Not how is he, or I am sure he will be fine, but what can she get.

John Grace, married to a Isle of Wight artist Cynthia Grace, and living in Ryde on the IOW wasn't interested at all. A shrug of the shoulders and an oh well he is dead, that was it. John happens to think everything Vera did was the right thing to do.

So leaving is brother with no food and water for 48 hours when he was in paralysis with a stroke was the right thing to do?

Oh well. That is all you'll get out of his family. (Rumour has it that John Grace thinks Vera Joyce Jackson did the right thing in leaving him to suffer)

Upon hearing Vera Joyce Jackson had told her Bill's son not to come to the funeral, what did they do? Did they protest?

Nope, they simply did nothing.

Have they left a message for Bill on his web page? Nope.

Have they wondered what has happened to his Ashes? (Flushed down the toilet by Vera Joyce Jackson) Nope.

That was the Family that Bill Grace had to put up with, it is no wonder he decided to return to Canada.

What they say is, well, he should have known better.

What I say is, if it is Family you should support it, of course I have never been taught that. Vera Joyce Jackson used to beat the shit out of me just because she enjoyed it.

Now she has no one to abuse, so I would be very worried. Knock on her door and the foul mouth of the south will explode with abuse.

Names to Remember, Names to Research, Valma Glenn, John Grace, and Vera Joyce Jackson.

Don't do business with them, the knife in the back isn't worth it!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Vera Joyce Jackson - We can only hope in Karma

Vera Joyce Jackson             +44 (0)1202 707 127       

Better yet drop by ;
42 Austin Ave.
Poole, Dorset,
BH14 8HE
United Kingdom

We can only hope in Karma and the hell she will suffer for murdering her husband!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jackson Family Funeral

Vera Joyce Jackson didn't bother to show at a Jackson family funeral, her beloved bothers wife funeral was yesterday,  and all that could be raised from Vera Joyce Jackson was a giggle and a laugh!

Vera Joyce Jackson remains awaiting your attempts to explain why laughing at people in distress is considered bad manners, so she can shout you down.

Vera Joyce Jackson, apparently the response to suggestions about going to the funeral was the standard, 'Why the FUCK should I!'

Vera Joyce Jackson - Child abuser and Murder who walks among us free to abuse...

Latest Update... Will willingly admit to not tending or attempting to doing anything for her husband when he was lying there...

She left him for 2 days until his son came down from Reading to discover his father lying paralysed on the bed, freezing cold and lying in his own faeces.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Feel free to call Vera Joyce Jackson

Feel free to call Vera Joyce Jackson             +44 (0)1202 707 127       she will gladly answer any of your questions, as an admitted attempted murder, she loves to hear that you think that is wrong!

Better yet drop by ;
42 Austin Ave.
Poole, Dorset,
BH14 8HE
United Kingdom

Soon appearing in Slough for your pleasure at the crematorium to make sure the entire family know what she thinks of them.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vera Joyce Jackson Memorial to husband

The only thing she did for her husband was, I miss you....

In other words she missed throwing 4 letter words at some to make them cry....

Why not giver her a call and scream Fuck Shit Cunt Piss Assholes at her, this is her standard shout out, he has even stood at the door and shouted as loud as possible, because it would hurt her husband!

Ask her what abuse she gave to him on his death bed!

I know I was there and it was also witnessed, yet she walks the streets among us....

Call the women that the NHS is so scared of they allow her to get away with abusing other patients and staff!

That is right! I have and so have others witnessed her striking at staff, but for the sake of a quiet life they allow her to walk among us!

Vera Joyce Jackson believes

When I was 2 maybe 3 Vera Joyce Jackson locked me in a closet because that is where children should be....

True story as I was discovered by a cousin, who has just told me this story.

Woman has dog put down because it defends her child...

This is a true story...

On one of those standard days when his mother would go off and on and beat the shit out of him, Guill was able to hide behind the dog, Alfred, who knew the abuse that Guill used to suffer.

Feeling like he had no choice the dog lashed out and attacked the woman (Vera Joyce Jackson) who was attacking his young friend, within 24 hours the woman had raised such a fuss that the dog was taken to the vets and put down for stopping her from beating her child.

For the next two week, while her child was crying over the loss of the dog, Vera Joyce Jackson beat Guill constantly.

True story, because I was that child.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

psychiatric study requires patient?

Psychiatric Study requires patient - Do you Require a Subject to base your thesis on?

Do you want to study a murder? Do want to study a serial abuser?

Do you want to meet a woman who brags about beating her only child, and laughs about it?

Left her husband paralysed with a stroke on the bed for 48 hours without calling for any assistance?

Left him lying in his own feces, and explains that it is perfectly natural to treat someone like that.

Who will respond to your questions with, "Why the Fuck should I?"

Feel free to call Vera Joyce Jackson +44 (0)1202 707 127 she will gladly answer any of your questions and direct you as to where you are going wrong with your career, also she will gladly point out that Not providing calling for an ambulance is not against the law, so leaving someone to die is perfectly within her rights.

Better yet drop by ;
42 Austin Ave.
Poole, Dorset,
BH14 8HE
United Kingdom

This woman rocks, watch out for the baseball bat that she keeps by the door.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Birthday of a Murderer

If you want to send a Birthday card to a Murderer send it to Vera Joice Jackson

42 Austin Ave.
Poole, Dorset
BH14 8HE

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Since I am not allowed to go to the Funeral, or have an input into what is happening to him, and since all his, well known, last wishes are being ignored, I shall post here his last hours in his own house.

After suffering abuse from his wife because he allowed the kettle to boil dry, he went upstairs to get away from all the yelling.Not too long after that it would have started, first a pain in the neck so bad he would have become immobilized, with cramps throughout the body, none of which he could respond to, then no control over his bowls.

Being a diabetic he required pill, this caused further compilications, causing his kidneys to start to fail and increasing the pain. All Friday he was parralized on his bed, with his wife down stairs, no point in checking on him. I arrived Friday night and asked where was dad and was given a blast of abuse, he burnt the kettle dry, so I assumed he had gone to bed to get away from it. Saturday morning, while making her a cup of tea, I made him one, and took it up, only to be asked why, by his ever so caring wife. I found my father in a condittion from which he was never to recovered.


They think she is wonderful and will be enjoying the funeral, and helping the poor widdow who had lied to them from day one. Not one will have the guts to say anything about how she has treated me, his son.I am the only one who actually cared.God rest in peace Dad, I will be with you soon, nothing on this fucking planet to stick around for. Less than 6 Months to go.

There will be a Memorial game for my father at Poole town, I am looking at the 28th of Jan.