Thursday, 19 May 2011

Question Time LiveBlog 19th May 2011

Question Time comes tonight, unbelievably, from inside HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs. Built in the 1880s by convict labour (imagine trying that today...can't do that, it's me uman rites, innit) - past inmates include escapee Soviet spy George Blake and the only UK Minister to have been confirmed as a Soviet spy John Stonehouse.

On the panel we have Ken Clarke, Jack Straw, token right-winger Melanie Phillips and Universal Shami Chakrabarti. To be fair, Chakrabarti hasn't been on QT for at least a couple of weeks now so the BBC probably think we're missing her or something.

It's fair to assume that the first question will be about rape, so make sure you have the Shrill Feminist Whine setting turned right down on your television set.

The LiveBlog will stay open for the surreal This Week, with Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Osama and Obama

So, Obama goes up, then Obama goes down.

Now, you can see videos of everyone watching what was happening on the Raid, as it was happening. Yet, with all those eyes some how it seems to be the story that Osama resisted arrest and used a wife as a shield. Now, if the video feed is crap, then maybe it is possible, but this is the US, are they really going to watch Crap video of something like that? No, I don't think so. So, why not kill it before it starts? Why let it get out, then turn around and say, well he wasn't shooting at us, and his wife wasn't used as a shield.

Why Obama? Why? You think everything through to the last and smallest item, then the stories change?

The Embarrassment of Radio 4

So they have Ed Milly on, and he was asked if when in power they should have made the change to AV, and he said yes but when you have such a large majority why change the system, so the interviewer just yeah yeah, but that is what you need to hit on.

If the system works for you, why change it, if the system doesn't work for you, change it! So only a sore looser wants to change the system then right?

You nail Milly to the wall for being so stupid to admit if it works why change it, now they are out of power, you have to change it!

So if your screwing the people when your in power, who cares, your in power, but the second your out of power, you start to complain?

Radio 4 and the Today program have got to buck up and start listening to what they are being told in interviews, its pointless if you just work as a robot and ask questions, listen, then ask another question, you need to respond to what is being said!