Monday, 31 May 2010

petition number 10

petition number 10 website has been stopped. The current government does not want to hear what you have to say, it doesn't care what you have to say.

The Sex Trade - Legal means....

Right, so I am reading the papers this morning and I pick up on one thing, apparently if we legalize the sex trade then women will be exploited more, more women will die, the world will come to an end...

You get the idea, now lets see if I understand this...

You make it Legal, it then becomes a job, correct? I job means Taxable income, correct? If you have legal brothels then those using the service will be monitored? (Or will we just have a house and say go to it boys?)

Because it is a Job, and it is in a specific house the girls will have to be healthy, correct? Limited times and hours for the work because of the European work directive. No drugs or any sort of crap etc, so everone is ok and aware.

If it is a Job, then no Pimp to beat up the women, and they apply for the job so they are aware of what they will be doing..

Can someone please explain the down side to all this?

Sure, now you can still say that you will get girls on the streets, but this is easy to handle, considdering how poor the police are at the moment I would think making some of those usless PCs walk the streets at night and some video cameras taking picture, the odd sign saying if you drive on this street you will get a letter this is a known red light area, etc, should keep people away.

Again, what is the down side?

It is like making Drugs legal, you have a house, you get your drugs you do it in the house, then after an hour or so you can leave. You sell it a much lower cost than the man on the street does, that cuts out the deallers, and you can monitor the drug takers. You make Tax dollars on the sales.

It is a win win, all around. If people want to kill themselves with drugs, you allow it as long as they buy them from the state, and the state makes its money on Tax. no harm no foul.

Problem is, no one has the guts to say the above, and no reporter will proffer what I have done, the other side of the argument.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

MP for Bracknell Dr Phillip Lee - Campaign to remove him has started!  Right, this weekend I will be walking the streets of Bracknell gathering signatures to have MP Philip Lee removed from office, to be the first MP to be removed from power.

He is not a politician, he is a Doctor, and I would guess a pretty poor one at that without the ability to care for disabled children, someone who is simply a mouth piece for whatever his party wants, with out the ability to think for himself.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Autism Blogs and PDA - all I ask is 5 minutes of your time.

NO I do not want money, all I ask you to do is what this video, try and listen and take some of it in, maybe if you find yourself interested go and find and site and do some reading.

I did not make this video, I am someone who loves a PDA child. It is important that people maybe understand maybe know a little something and maybe, next time you see that "little shit" kid in the supermarket and the mother/father/parents who is trying to control the child, maybe you will think before you speak, maybe it is not that the child is just "out of control" maybe it is something else.

We all want to "understanding" we apparently all want a better world to live in, well it all starts with a little understanding.

As a side not the Tories are NOT in support of anything for for disabled children - Please read the MP for Bracknell couldn't even be bothered to respond, this gentilemen is a Doctor, and he doesn't care about disable children.

If you think that is bad, please write, please send an email, please raise your voice, just the once, I don't need you do loads of work, if you think it is worth it then please do, I will not say no, but really, if you have read all this, and think "this guy is a nut" then find, but I think 5 minutes to watch a video, and figure out that those in power don't give shit about disable children, I think it just might be worth rasing your voice for a minute.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

HIPS - Gone and 3000 out of work...

This will make lots of people happy, apart from the 3000 people who, are most likely too stupid to get a different job.

These people will complain that they paid for training etc, but this was all a insain government make work scheme and another way to raise income for them, without calling it a Tax. You had to do it, you had to pay up, that is a Tax. Anything that makes you pay money is a Tax, because lets face it they, the government always gets their cut.

The 3000 are people who, had been unemployed for ages and got on some government scheme, or people leaving uni and they realized that they couldn't go back to their parents so needed a job, and they got offered a government scheme.

This all boils down to one thing, something that no reporter will ever say. Governments don't create jobs!!

The fewer people employed by the government the lower our taxes will be, and the more likely we will be able to employ people for ourselves.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I had a little bet

Dave wouldn't push him out, and he didn't so we still have a criminal in the chair.

John Bercow - he pledged to uphold the tradition of the house, in his mind that means claim what you can boys!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Out the Speaker

Well, I have stood back and watched everything, and all in all things seem to be going pretty good, I would not have given Dave much of a chance really, but he is actually doing rather well.

Now what we want is the Speaker removed and a real man put in his place...

Monday, 10 May 2010

LibDems force Brown out and here we go PR..

The LibDems have done what the country and Dave couldn't get Brown to go. Now we will have a LibLab and the first port of call will be a referendum for electoral reform and PR.

Yes, I hear you say they are talking for the "Good of the Country" and if you honestly believe that the only Hang up through the talks has been about what is going to get Cut and what taxes are going to go up, then your really kidding yourself.

The LibDems want PR, that's it, they do not care about anything else, because they know that with PR it mean they will always play a part in any government. It also means that the BNP, and the Greens and UKIP will get seats and well, and we will end up with everyone on the take, and votes for sale.

Now I have no problem with that. I have always believed that corrupt politicians means a government that works, I am proud of the fact that I have paid for services and things got done for me. I have no problem with the idea that if I want the police to respond to a break in after a few days of being ignored, I simply have to find my local MP and bung him a few quid and he will talk to the local police chief and next thing to know wheels are in motion. That is democracy in action.

Now, I know, since the English are generally a stupid bunch, that this will all sound very good and proper, but I also know, that in about 5 years, people will start to wake up and suddenly realize what they have done, and much like Europe, it will all end in tears.

Friday, 7 May 2010

PR (propositional representation)

What people do not seem to Understand. PR means you get the BNP as well. It also means you get the Greens, it also means that, if possible, you would get soon seat for the Monster Raving Loony Party, because if they decided to get the vote out and the students got drunk enough they could get enough votes around the country to get a seat.

It means you get no overall lead and forever and a day they have to do deals to get things past.

Deals means Lobbying, means people taking FAT checks or backhanders to vote one way or the other.

If you look at all the countries that have PR, you will see what it means, corrupt Politicians, do you really want to give our lot the nod and say, go on as you always have.

PR means Cab for hire will be all of them.

PR - For those of you who don't care.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Results - You get it here first...

Right, here we go.

Tories 320 - Just short.
Labour 215/220 - Less.
LibDem 65 -
Others - 1 Green
1 UKIP (Tripple crown would be Nigel fofr UKIP, Green and BNP)
Then others

Gordon to come out before Cameron and say he is going to form the Government with the LibDems, and Clegg having no idea what is going on.

Dave gets angry...

Election Fraud within 2 weeks after the election about 12 location will have people being charged with election fraud.

Local Council will have more election fraud than ever.

The Tripple Crown, UKIP, BNP, Green is unlikely to happen but we can only dream.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Labour we must Never Forget

We must never for get. Whiter than White, as Honest as the Day is Long! Oh yeah, 10p tax, this is a man that knows his numbers. Opps, how many people does that screw over?

People in their 70s are still paying Tax! People in their 70s need extra hand outs! They have to fill out forms till the cows come home, it all must be means tested! If you have a penny too much then sorry, your out of luck!

Labour isn't working, Labour is a Union saying, sorry we will not work, you have to pay us twice as much and we will do half the work.

I can not believe we let Tony in 3 times!

Less we forget...

The problem with this is he says "IF I said anything" It is the word IF, he keeps using it, like he thinks that it was not something that was offensive. I would lay you odds that if you called him a bigot he would find it offensive.
The man just does not know what he is doing and we must not allow this man to run this country. We will look like a laughing stock to the world!

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage - Well I have written about this before, so now I will write about it again, as for what small part I can do to keep his name in the press.

We need to make sure that John Bercow is removed! David will not have the balls to do it when he gets in, we need to do it for him. Poor old Dave doesn't have the guts.