Saturday, 12 March 2011

What makes What important

So here I am in the car listening to Radio 4, and I hear hundred people killed, that sounds nasty doesn't it, makes you want to listen, makes it important doesn't it.
Now, if you think 1 billion people, then think 100 into 1 billion, you wouldn't bet on that. If some one said it is a 100 to 1 billion shot you can die, you'd laugh at them and do whatever it was because, its nothing the odds are shorter you'll live to 100.
The media loves to make you listen, and the general public is generally so stupid they buy it, which is why you can have so many rags talking about celebs.
Another bit of proof that the education level in the UK is so poor.
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Thursday, 3 March 2011

World court probes Gaddafi's 'crimes'

World Court? Right, now have you ever noticed how most of the people they have in front of them die while the trial is still going on? I wonder why that is?
It is because it is a farce court, who do they protect? Can you go to them and get things sorted out? Does the common man get a say? Nope.

The most important thing to learn is this, THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS INTERNATIONAL LAW! Who are they to tell you, someone who runs a country, what is right and what is wrong? If you don't sign up to it, then they have now power over you at all, even if you do, what does it matter, there is no higher power to appeal to, and without the ability to appeal, what are they other than a farce.

The idea that the Buck stops there, is really a joke.

Now if we had serious politicians who could talk honestly they would be standing up and say, Sorry, we are not going to do a think, we have been burnt once, we are not going to get burnt again by trying to help, then finding out they you really didn't want our help.

Lets face it, that is the reason we are not going in now, it is because no everyone agrees, and they never will.

I do like the idea that some people are beginning to see the UN for what it is, pointless Gaddafi starts "possibly" bombing his own people, and the UN, after a day or so, writes a strongly worded letter. Ouch, Gaddafi must have really been upset by that.

If Hitler was alive and in power today, he would have taken over half of Europe before the UN got its finger out and decided that it needed sanctions or some other action.

Christopher Booker

My long crusade for common sense

I am sure I might take some abuse for writing this, but really, when you read what he writes it does just make sense, but when you think about it a little more you realize that he is on a road to nowhere, as lets face it, once you get into power, who the fuck cares about the little people, they are the ones that make you late when you are being driven from one place to another, they get in the way when you are trying to get to your club, or to your latest appointment to arrange for some more money to be put away in your special account.

Politicians really don't think about the "common" man, it is not what they get into power for.

The Earth could be on the brink of the sixth mass extinction in history, claim scientists.

The Sixth mass extinction?

If we are to believe this is right, then all the Green save the earth people are going to start wanting us to kill ourselves because we must save the animals, we have to have all those frogs, spiders and those monkeys are the most important things on this planet.

Do you not find it amazing the way everything runs on fear. Think about it. If your in a business that means that you need to use a ladder, you have to spend £100 to get taught how to use on. Thats right folks in this country you need to get a little bit of paper before you know how to use a ladder. Even if its been what you have been doing for 20 or 30 years, now, if you don't have it you can not climb up it.

Health and safty is all about scaring you, making you afraid of doing something, because then you have no chance of hurting yourself.

This only means that the idiots are not killing themselves off, and are living off the dole and breeding like there is no tomorrow, because lets face it, they know they are too stupid to climb a ladder and when you get paid to stay at home you might as well beat your wife and get her to pop out a child or two or a dozzen.

Jacqui Smith is using her husband's porn habit to kick-start her broadcasting career

Right, so I was listening to the Femanazi hour on Radio 4 and they had the ever so lovely Jacqui Smith on talking about the Porn show that she is doing (BBC free Ads for anyone).

What gets me is, the one basic question that should have been asked wasn't.

Which is, so how much are you making for doing this. I mean really, the only reason she is doing it is for the money, because after make 60k a year, plus what she could get on her expenses, she needs the money to keep the life style.

Isn't it amazing I mean they are all Labour, all for the common man, power to the people right? Yet Tony is out there making all sorts of cash and living in million plus houses and avoiding tax like there is no tomorrow, Gordo is trying to do the same thing, and all of them are selling themselves. Is any of this cash going to help the poor working man? I think not.