Monday, 19 December 2011


My father passed away on the 13 of Dec.

I have no questions re the hospital, the doctor was a bit of an Idiot Grinning while he was telling me he wanted to turn off the machines, but you can not expect much when you deal with the NHS.

The clock in the waiting room is still not working, the monitoring machines in the Stroke unit are still not sorted for the hour time difference, but...

They did everything they could, the problem was it took so long to find my father, and he lived with my mother, in one house, with one kitchen and he didn't come down for an entire day, and she couldn't be bothered to look in on him when he didn't come down for his pills or breakfast. but that is my mother. Apparently it is my fault for not rushing into his bedroom when I came home Friday night.

We have a super cousin, looking for money, bought my mother some veg, apparently that seals the deal for her to get everything.

How do you explain to a woman whose entire life is about hate, that her husband spent his entire life avoiding making her scream and yell at him?

It is going to be a shock when no one talks to her at the service.

Still super cousin to the rescue.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fingers Crossed

The ICU in Poole is staffed by really good doctors, and all I ask is good thoughts and wishes from everyone.

The clock in the waiting room does not work.

Oh yeah, in the Stroke unit the monitoring machines have not been rolled back the 1 hour, so you might want to watch that, they are taking readings 1 hour early, allows the nurses to get away with things I guess.

The Stroke unit is mixed wards as well, I thought they wanted to stop that?