Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nevermore and forever more....

Well David Camoron dug up a speech from a few years ago, polished it up and gave it again. My god I did not think it was possible for anyone to love Tony Blair so much as he must do.

I am willing to bet our buddy Dave, (Call me a racist now get it out of your system) who, if you noticed, was in Oxford in front of white kids, not the Black children who where involved in the riots.

Let me get back on track here, we all remember the this is not the time for sound bytes, but "I feel the hand of history" BS that Tony spouted, I am willing to bet that Our buddy Dave does the exact same thing within the next week or two, the I don't want to brag about it, but Oh how good am I thing, exactly like TB did.

Dave is a pro, never lifted a box in his life buy by golly and batman I know how to solve those poor peoples problems, lets lock them up, maybe we could put them on bikes to make energy so my kids can play on their xbox, it would be free energy and we would be green, and helping them loose weight.

Come on Dave, you know you want to.

I think this country is Broken, and for good. The only chance of resolving this is gone because those in charge don't want to, they want to get what they can and get into Europe where with the safety net of being in European politics which has nothing to do with the people at all, think about things like how to make sure everything is the same so no one gets left out, so lets start with 6inch cucumbers.

If you want to fix things, you want to start from the Top, simple. Any politician who is found to be fiddling his expenses or selling himself to business, 10 years, no appeal, inside for 10 years.

If you announced that, the little people would start to listen, because to them it looks like you are getting serious about what is happening up at the top. Then the hard part comes, you need to actually put someone away for it (That would never happen, lets face it Deliverance would have nothing on the Squealing that a politician would let out if he ever go found out, Jonathan Aitken anyone?)

If you want to cut and save money you start at the top, remove half of the top cops, that would save millions, and cut the pay of the rest by half, that would save millions, and show the little people at the bottom that you can handle tough times, again this will never happen.

Believe it or not, those people you step over on the way into work actually are suffering, people do sometimes need to steal to feed themselves. Those big ticket items will mostly have been sold on, for money to buy things, and will never make it back to the stores, no matter how many children you put in jail.

You want to fix things, listen to the people, toss one of your own to the wolves.

18 Months for stealing from the people, who voted him in? Really? Honestly?

Tax records we know full well they don't and some have even claimed they have shredded their records, if this was you or me, we would be screwed, but not anyone in power who admits it, nope.

Double standards are everywhere, but you want to fix things, stop your own double standards first, otherwise those peons who you think should just sit back and take it, will stand up and fight again, and while you will laugh at them, and they way they speak and how stupid you think they are, when they decided to raid your house, you will not be laughing then.

Come on Uncle Dave, kick your own people for a little bit..

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The end of the UK

Sadly the politicians will never change

After listening to those girls and their we are showing the rich people crack, if you think about it, they might have a point. (Cue the nut jobs saying I am an idiot)

But as I have mentioned before, when you look at the headlines, politicians and their expenses, those headlines stick with you. They will never take any more responsibility for it, it is behind them, they are getting on with worming away with the new one, why mention it again.

But when you look at it, from a worms point of view, those with jobs/money get away with alot, and lets face it the police are a sad lot.

In my experience, 2 break ins (I live 300 yards from a police station) I reported them both, I never saw a cop.

I did get alot of flyers posted to me to get help with dealing with it.

In a business I worked in, they got broken into thousands stolen, the police showed up and, their exact words, it is a wast of your time and ours.

I lifted prints myself! They couldn't be bothered, yet when arresting someone "important" they fuck it up and kill them. Charles Manendez, hell they stole the tapes to avoid getting caught!

It happens time and time again, the big things the cops screw up, and the little things they can not be bothered to do.

During the riots they stood and watched, filming, so they could get people the next day.

What they should be doing, and we all know this, they should be standing in front of the shop fronts simply stating if you want to loot, you have to go through me. Life on the line.

I think we need to take a page from new york and get the angels here, do it ourselves!


This I didn't see coming

Well this is one I did not see coming but I should have.

Hey guys, guess what, it is all your fault.

You have children and then bugger off, the women are all perfectly innocent of anything, never mind the fact that the most horrifying interviews on the TV and radio have been with women saying why shouldn't we do this, and blaming everyone else, it is all men, it is our fault.

Never mind the fact that to do anything with children you need a CRB check, women tend to get away with it, but any man is instantly a pedophile if he is single and wants to help children.

Nope, it is your fault. Never mind the fact that women go out to get pregnant so they can get free housing and all the help they want, nope, it is the mans fault.

Suck it up guys, we are going to take a beating over the next few days because woman are perfect!

If we lived in a real country

We would be able to do this http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/8/mayor-talks-tough-to-black-teens-after-flash-mobs/

This Mayor is the greatest!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An attempt to explain

Right, I feel with all the BS that is being reported, and of course the poor understanding of the politicial class.

After hearing those two girls explaining what they thought of it.

The problem is the people involved in the riots are just not inteligent enough to deal with life out in the big world, they just do not have it within them, which means we or the political class should/could make an attempt to understand these poor individuals.

This will of course never happen, David would never be caught dead walknig around with these people, when he did look what happened they pointed a finger at him, hug a hoodie he said, and look what happened, he got laughed at, so he now ignores this underclass.

This underclass has been created by the political class because they dumber the people the easier they are to control, problem being is the half class which is those who are clever enough to listen to the headlines, but not bright enough to understand what is behind them.

These girls don't like the rich. The rich get to do what they want when they want, so why shouldn't they? (This is clear)

Where could they have gotten this from?

Politicians taking expenses? (Yes) What was done about it, very little that made the headlines that they read or over hear (More likely they hear the headlines as they will not be clever enough to read them)

Taking away the EMA (Yes) Lets face it this was just paying kids to stay in school, but once you have a system like this you can never take it away, remember the milk thing? (The political class isn't bight enough to think things out in the round so this mistake was all a given)

Charging "students" more money? (Yes) The people involved in the riots would be the drop outs of the future anyway, but you would be making them pay! (They are too stupid to understand anything that is explained to them and the political class is too stupid to think it through as to how they explain it)

Police taking money for stories? (Yes) The police get away with everything. Lets face history here, they police in this country avoid thing, even with the riots it is all talk about watching CCTV and then going and knocking on doors, YET if a cop was standing outside that store front, guess what, it would not have been kicked in.

The PM hiring an idiot for an advisor? (Believe it or not Yes) because the underclass knows you don't give a criminal a second chance, as they would never get a second chance. In other words such a poor excuse.

Politicians will not be able to understand what is written here, as it explains things, roughly, and they don't understand that sort of thing, they need it on paper and from someone who is from the same school.

Now, with the BBC in the front line we are going to get lot of poor questioning of rioters in the act, and no one will ask any of the right questions.

David looks like an idiot, Boris well Londoners only like him because he is a clown. Ed, well, Ed is Ed, and this is the end of this country as we know it.

This is he LA riots but here in the UK.

We will not do the right thing, and hang a police officer out to dry, allowing them to think they are right. The Political class will ignore the fact they look like crooks themselves, 700+ in the lords our second house is second only to China, we have 60 million people, and more politicians than anything.

We are ruled by europe, our politicians will ignore that question for ever as well, promise one thing, then not do it. These thing could be fixed, but London will burn.


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Its the Rich People


Need I say more? 30 Years of poor education, Tony with his Education, Education, Education, and this is what we have to show for it!

This country is screwed!

London Riots

Only prove what I have been saying is right. They only prove that we have been too soft for year, and now even our leaders do not have the ability to be strong, they just want to "talk about it".

Curfew is a dirty word apparently.

To fix this;

1 Announce the army is going to be on the streets.
2 Curfew 10pm your inside.
3 Army will shoot to kill.

2 Days later it is all fixed, because you just stand there and say, you where warned.