Thursday, 31 December 2009

new years honours list

Just having a quick look and thought I would point something out. At a quick glance I notice that the civil service has miles and miles of people who seem to have earned an Honour.

Yet, for those to really serve the country, not many at all. I guess they do not earn it being out there under fire.

It must be hard work in those offices, earning so little with a pension that would hardly get you by......

I know where my heart is...

Stephen Timms MP Writes in the Telegraph

Who pays inheritance tax

SIR – The Conservative Party’s claim about the number of people who are liable to pay inheritance tax is ludicrous (report, December 29). As the Chancellor said at the pre-Budget report, less than three per cent of estates will pay inheritance tax. Just 16,000 estates were liable for inheritance tax in 2008-2009.

The Tories fail to take into account that in 2007, the Chancellor doubled the threshold above which estates became subject to inheritance tax for married couples and civil partners. If you’re a widow who wants to leave something to your children and grandchildren, you won’t just have your own allowance but that of your husband, too. In such a case, the effective threshold for paying inheritance tax is not £325,000 but £650,000, four times the average house price. We consider this to be fair.

David Cameron is proposing an effective limit of £2 million, 13 times the average house price. The Tory claim that only millionaires would pay inheritance under their plans is misleading. Estates worth up to £2 million would pay nothing, the equivalent of a £540,000 tax break.

Instead of misleading the public, Mr Cameron should explain why he is so intent on giving a tax cut worth £200,000 to the 3,000 richest estates in the country.

Stephen Timms MP
Financial Secretary to the Treasury
London SW1

Now, let me think about this for a second. As he is Labour and I would think a socialist, why is he not calling for 100% inheritance tax? This would allow them to return everything back to the people, and everyone would be equal. Hmmm, me thinks they don't have the guts to even talk about doing something like that.

Now, what is wrong with inheritance tax? We are talking about taking away money from a family who has suffered a loss. Telling them that after they have paid for the funeral, lawyers and all the other things required, then you have to give them everything over, whatever amount it gets set at.

Why is it really needed? Why not up some other tax and allow people to pass on everything to their family? That family is going to continue to pay tax, and in the long run they would pay more tax, on interest earned money spent with the winfall, etc.

Labour, not thinking about you, thinking about how to control you....

Damian Green MP - Return his DNA

If you are innocent of committing an offence the state should have no right to retain your DNA. I just cannot believe any intelligent person could think otherwise.

You can find more details and sign the petition.

The British and Drinking

Soon it will be new year, and all the British will be out on the streets throwing up and pissing in nearest shop doorway. The joys of walking the British streets at night. Still, some shop owners will be able to take down the annual christmas boards they have to put up to protect their stores from the lovely British drunks walking the streets in December.

This problem could easily be solved by bringing the sale of booze into controlled shops. Bars/Pubs could no longer sell take away drinks, and the only place to buy a 6 pack would be the local beer store. The wine, from the local liquir store.

Then you have to fix the education system, wait 50 years until educated people start having children, and those children have children who are going to school, then you relax the rules abit.

But as long as you have 13 year olds popping out kids, and teenagers who are parents who have never finished school, and their kids will never finish school, you have a system that is broken and not fixable.

Unless you work like China, 1 child per family and you have to ask if you can have one.

Punishment, hmmmm, yes the british don't believe in that do they. They think saying sorry is good enough, and giving counciling to the victim. Its ok that your mugger is still walking the streets how do you feel about it, sorry I could not hear you through the bandages.

For the last time, how to quit smoking and save the health care...

Hello my wonderful readers, I would just like to try one more time to put across an idea that would work.

Lord only knows no one will see the sence in this, even when it is spelt out, but this is england where you can leave Uni and not be able to count to 10.

Health Care, the NHS and Smoking. You know what I mean, you see the ads as a cost of millions to stop you smoking, the packs they will send through the post the special people to assist you in quitting, lets try this on for size.

Part 1 - You make cigarettes a prescription only.
(This means no new smokers can start without a Doctors say so, and you guarantee the money and prices, you also stop underage smoking because of the prescription drug laws, and you give the police another easy target. Your smoking sir, can I see the prescription for those cigarettes.)
Part 2 – Every 6 months a chest x-ray is required and your doctor gives you another prescription for cigarettes, but if they see a spot, and catch cancer early, you have to quit and you cannot get any cigarettes legally again.
What this does it, brings all the money for cigarettes into the health care system. Allows you to control smokers and who is smoking and guarantees money into the health care system.
You could two part the system. Mild or Light cigarettes over the counter, and the good old boys via the doctor, and bring it in over 2 or 3 years that they get weaker and weaker.
Now the cigarette companies get to go back to advertising, as lets face it no one starts smoking because they see it on the back of a race car at 200 miles an hour, or because someone hits a little red ball into a small pocket.
You work this system to start in 5 years, 2 to 3 years to change to full prescription for cigarettes, and 25 years later, no one smoking. You task the smoking companies to promote and product other health care systems, or give them first shot at building schools or any other project they comes up that might make them money from the government.
That should be enough to keep the share holders happy, give them tax breaks, anything but the above system allows you full control and stops people smoking.

The End of the Year

Diane Abbott MP Slurps In House Of Commons - I just don't want people to forget this.

As an every week watcher of This Week I think she is worth every penny the BBC is paying her.

Perdictions for the new year...

DC - Will screw up through out the year and right through the election, but they will win the most seats, but not enough for power.

GB - He will fail, and in the end get pushed out just before conference later in the year.

Whats that other party? They will try and keep everything and try and keep power, but it will be a joke.

More than possible need for another election after it all falls apart late 2010.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Jack Straw: The Tories are trying to buy the election

Right, how many tickets is he willing to give away? I can "Name one Conservative councillor" in Poole woh can tell you because of who controls this area they have had funding removed!

Jack is an Ass, and just wants to make sure everyone knows as much. Still he is set for life, he has everything ready for his retirement and a nice life living off what the public have provided.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Death Penalty Works

Now, as for proof of the above.

How many of you are thinking that you should try and smuggle Drugs into China? Not many I bet.

Thus, the threat of the death penalty has made you think about it and decided it would not be a good idea.

If it is not the reason stopping you, I suggest you buy some drugs and hop on a plane to China now....

To reporters...

Here is a basic way to talk to any western leader, just keep it simple.

When they start on the Chinese about execution, you simple ask if it is Chinese law that he is being executed under, the answer has to be Yes, it is their laws that he broke. Keep in mind that all the answers to these questions are simple, and when they start to spout off, you must cut them off and remind them that the answer is smiple, is it their Laws that were broken, yes or no.

Ok, good, you have the basics down.

Then you ask so are the Chinese laws wrong?

If Yes, the we have a problem here don't we. They are Wrong in what they are doing, but just a second, what makes our laws right?

Don't they have less Drug Crime than we do? Wouldn't we be happy with their levels of drug crime?
3.9 per 100,000 people
[33rd of 46]

The UK Numbers from the same site

183,419 per 100,000 people
[2nd of 46]

Now, if they are serious about dealing with crime, the Chinese numbers should be the ones they are aiming form and thus their rules and laws must be part of why they have so much less crime than us.

So, again, are their laws wrong?

I think the Chinese have it right, and it this shows us what our politicians are really made of, nothing, as they do not have the spine to say they the Chinese have their laws, they do things in their way, and if someone is stupid enough to get caught, they will have to suffer the laws of that country.

We can only wish our laws could ever be that strong and respected.

David Cameron admits defeat

Well its just another day for David, with his speach that clearly makes out like he knows he is not going to win, and it will be a hung parliament after next years election.

Why do we not have any British leaders who are actually leaders, who work from the front and say what they mean, not the sap they think we need to hear.

British anger at China execution

Just prooving my point here with the above.

The man was stupid, if you go to a country which has zero tolerance when it comes to drugs, well it their law and you have to abide by their law.

But Oh No, not the British.

This is why our streets are over run with Criminals, and you don't want to go out at night, and when you are a victim of crime you just can not be bothered to contact the police because they will not do anything about it as it is, "A waste of our time and yours." That is a direct quote from an officer in Reading at a business burglary, they just could not be bothered.

So here in the UK we talk about zero tolerance, and how we might have to do it, but what sort of zero tolerance would we do? The minute someone came up with a lame excuse, oh he in mentally handicapied, we would just let him go.

The individual was fit enough to get on a plane going to China, carry suite cases, buy or get bought for him a ticket. He was able to answer the questions at check in, hand over a passport, so he was fit enough to know, that going to China was a BIG move, with a BIG culture shock.

One less idiot in the food chain!

The UK, well they just don't get it.....

Thank you for reading, and a happy new year to you all, as well as a Merry Christmas...

Just a few thoughts...

Christians will never win this war with Terror because they want to be Christians. We hold our hands up and go we forgive you, Oh how good are well.

While the other side looks at us, laughs, and then they blow us up using some mentally ill person because guess what, they don't care!

To win this war, you have to do what they do, and be better at it..

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