Tuesday, 26 April 2011

England home of the Free

Baby snatching read this its the sort of thing that happens in 3rd world countries, but no, it happens here!

Many years ago I was contacted by a mother who had been treated the same way, I allowed her to publish something on one of my sites, and guess what, a week later I had a letter, take it down or else.

Whats wrong with telling people about what is happening to you? Freedom of speach! If what your saying is wrong, then allow them to proove it!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Crime and Punishment

Prisons must be tougher, says survey

The Coalition's law and order policies have failed to win public backing,according to a major new survey which found widespread support for tougher punishments. 

 Now I know it isn't the right thing to say, but... Its got to be said.

1 - You make the police go after those who do crime, not chase after people for swearing or taking babies away from mothers, no. When someone reports a break in, police go, and show up. (My experience, this is a direct quote, "its a waste of our time and yours) Gee, its only my laptop and I can see the finger prints on the window. Never saw the police.

I know businesses in my area that have received the same response, yet... Someone makes a complaint against them, and the police are out of breath for an easy target.

Again, its an english thing, lazy to the last.

2 - Jail time, means jail time, speed up the courts, run them all night if need be, they get paid well enough, and keep it going.

3 - Lets do this 3 strikes and your out stuff, enough crimes and its jail for life.

Peace in our time...

It is so nice to see that we have peace in Northern Ireland now. I mean its just wonderful.

We burn a book, they kill people...

Yeah, that sounds about right, such a peaceful bunch.

Problem is, no one in power has the balls to say it.

Friday, 1 April 2011

World Autism Awareness Month

Do something for Autism!

Want to know more?

Go here http://www.autismpda.com/