Friday, 26 March 2010


So Gordon wants them to go to ACAS. I had to go to ACAS one because I had an employer who did not figure he had to pay me. His words, you should have a float so I can pay you late.
I had no choice but to quit and go to ACAS but I got nothing from them. The first time, I went no problem ACAS provided information and got bad to me and stupidly I believed my employer, second time I quit went to ACAS and I got nothing, the advisor said go to cab, that was the total of her input. I still to this day have no idea what happened, I contacted them to ask and was told the hearing was on a certain date about 3 days away so when I said I had no idea and no time and no info re this, I got nothing back. So I guess it all happened but I have no idea what happened.
All in all ACAS is a waste of time but it is also standard english practice customer service is not what the english do, when you get cheated, in england it is easy to get away with it because no one will chase you, and any service that ahould help people will never actually chase you because that would be work and the english only work overtime, not real time.
Waiting to get to work, this is a test of the email to blog feature, how sad am i?
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

They ask us, they do....

So here we go, its taken me some time to think of this, but after watching Question Time tonight all I can think of is, they are really all the same.

Tory, attacks Labour, LibDem defends Labour, by saying you have the same type of MP, Labour sits there, doing nothing.

Now. They ask us to Rat out people who are taking too much money from the state, yet we know MPs know other MPs who are selling themselves for cash, and will they out each other? NO!!

Wouldn't it be great to get a little honesty, a Tory, or a Labour or LibDem saying, oh yeah we have so and so, and so and so, they will sell their grandmother if the price is right. What Crooks...

Oh yeah, we are de-selecting so and so, he is a crook....

But No, they will never out their own, they will only act like children and say, you do the same thing, you do the same thing, me, no, I would never, you do, you do....

We talk about changing the rules, but what happened to a little honesty? A little, I am being paid 3x the average and they hate us for claiming cookies, maybe I shouldn't take this cash?

Nope, its honest, and that will never do.

Will the BBC bring up the whiter than white thing? Nope?

VOTE BNP, Vote anything other than the top 3, anything other than the Top 3.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Got Cash? You got me...

Guess what, you got the cash? You got me...

So Labour is for sale? Can anyone be surprised?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

David Cameron, Gordon Brown... Lost cause...

So, with all this Ashcroft crap, and of course Labour with their non dom money men as well, it just makes them all out to be the money grubbing losers we all think they are, and of course do not forget the expenses stuff as well.

Now surely you would expect a politician to think, hey, shouldn't we be trying to make the people trust us again otherwise, well, no one is going to believe what we say, and everything goes to pot...

But No, what we get is Labour calling the Tories idiots for not knowing what color underwear their Non Dom money man wears? (I put it like that because it just seem so stupid, everyone approved what was in the letter, even number 10, Now it 10 years later it all becomes a problem because they thought it meant something else, but it seems it didn't, yet its been ten years, now surely some committee could have challenged this a few years ago? made a little noise? Questioned him if he should still be a lord etc? Nope, guess it is just a fluke its right before an election)

The Tories are not spouting that Labour is run by the unions? Hmmm, that ain't new, and lets face it when you join a union you get the offer of an opt out form so your money does not go to labour, so ... This is news how?

Labour have Non Dom money men as well, and again this is news how?

News is, that without all the big bucks both parties would be running themselves out of shacks under the m25 because no one will give to criminals...

News is, that support and members of parties are drying up, because they are crooks.

News is not what is ever published in this country...

Because the education system has failed for too many years and we now have the poorly educated educating what will be poorest educated generation ever produced since a caveman once sat down his little boy and showed him that fire burns, and burnt himself to a crisp in the process.

The UK is going for the Darwin awards for countries...

Question time

I hear someone talking about there is too much tax avoidence and it wakes me up because what is the first question that comes to mind? How to catch them? No in my mind it goes like this, first of all I would bet it is being raised by some one who lives off the state so has never had to pay tax other than on her cigs and booze but second of all, tax avoidence gets higher the higher the tax gets. Its pretty simple really you tax people too much and they work out how to avoid it a la the mps and capital gains, it was and is tax avoidence, if not then surely they would gladly hand over a check it is only a few grand. Opps that's a lot of money it seems.

Until you have paid tax at the higher rate you will always think tax avoiders should be crushed.

Lower taxes and more people pay and those with more will buy more and guess what? Pay more too!

The problem is the english are too stupid to figure this simple truth out. The richer you are the more you spend thus the more tax you pay.  Taking half of it at source will only force them to hide it and keep it away from the tax man.

As I have always said, education has been failing in this country for 30 years we are now run by the idiots we asked for and the next lot regardless of who is in the big seat will be worse...

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

None of the Above...

Interestingly enough someone said to me yesterday they thought they might just not vote. So I asked why, and they said, well they are all the same.

Now lets face it, they really are all the same, and given the chance to pick your pocket they would, but so would any of us with the power they have.

I suggested going and and voting but just writing None of the Above on the ballot and leaving it at that.

I hear all this talk about making it compulsory to vote, but the one thing they can not make you do is put a check mark next to any one of the names on the sheet.

I read all this stuff about AV, and again, they can not force you to select more than 1, they can not make you select 1, never mind two.

If you want people to vote, you have to actually do what you say you are going to do, and or explain it in depth.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Bercow voted for Lisbon

Get Bercow out! The campaign  must be supported and we must get someone else in. Bercow is a criminal along with the rest of them.

Show your support

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I am going to speak slowly so you understand the question...

I am willing to pay any reporter that uses this phrase with any politician a very large amount of money.

Watching the Marr show this morning when it was asking that apparent women a question, she just rattled on, and did not answer the question. He needs to stop wait for her to finish then use the above.

Please, I am going to speak very slowly so you under stand the question. Do you understand?

Right, Now, Does not Labour have people of whom you do not know their tax status?

I am sorry I am going to have to stop you prattling on, as it seems you do not understand the question.

We need reporters who treat the politicians like they treat the public, with no respect at all.

Remember, they need the reporter more than you need them. Lets face it, there is plenty more news out there that people will watch, why talk to someone who will not listen to your questions and treat you with no respect.

We need reports to stop them in mid flow. Sorry, I we have turned off your mic because your obviously not listening or going to listen to my questions, nor answer them with any form of sense.

Can we get reporters who will do this? Please? Money on offer here?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Questions to ask, questions reporters are too stupid to ask...

Mr Brown, with all the papers saying you are a bully, and you saying you are not, I would assume that you are going to be suing them because your reputation has been damaged, and as the prime minister of the country you should be demonstrating that no one person can be slandered by the bullying newspapers?

Mr. Brown, with the army saying that they did not get what was required, and you saying they did? I assume that you will be releasing the letters and documents to show that you are correct, and they no one person can bully another by telling lies, as if you are correct, and I am sure you are, they would be lying when they are saying you did not provide what was required?

Mr. Brown, people are telling lies about you? Why are you not defending yourself in the courts?

Can anyone tell me why no reporter has asked the above? Why do they listen an allow him to bloat on an on?

I was wrong, no tears, but he did say he was sorry, well sort of, about the lives that have been lost.

What does Tony Blair have on Gordo? Could it be the fact that he is gay and no one will out him? (For proof, or poof, check out Gordo's old holiday haunt, if your clever you will find out all you need to know.)

Why do they not ask..

Mr. Brown, we are given to understand that you wanted to be Prime Minister and this was your goal, surely you would want to follow the biggest decision, that of going to war, very closely, to be involved with very meeting and read every bit of paper work that was produced, because, as someone to wanted to lead the country, you would want as much experience as possible to be aware of everything, for the time when you would be prime minister? Why are you saying that you only saw enough to be sure it was the right thing to do?

What we have is idiots doing the questioning, and idiots who are unable to think around the answers given.

If someone says NO, then the people who are saying YES, are wrong, so you get the person who is saying NO, to confirm that those saying yes are lying. Then you talk to the people saying YES, and get them to confirm they people saying NO are lying, then you ask why is no one suing anyone, because if you are right surely you can prove it and so should be able to make the other people back down? Opps, you have no proof?

This country is going to hell..

Monday, 1 March 2010

WARNING TO IT PURCHASERS - They are a fraudulent company, who with withdraw money from your account, and with not deliver the goods. Upon complaining they will tell you they will sort it out, and not return any contact.

Their Contact from on their Website does not send any messages through to anyone.

AWD IT - They will send USED items and tell you they are NEW.

BE AWARE!! Do NOT use these companies! They have cost me almost £1000

Barclays Busiuness - WARNING

I just thought I would provide a little public service warning here for people who have a business account with Barclays.

Barclays will process payments to your business account without verifying the Business address, nor do they care if a company fraudulently takes money from your business account.

I have tried contacting my business manager, without a call back. I have tried talking to, or trying to understand the people at the call centre to complain about this, I was told they would "TRY".

Since then I have had nothing back, not a word.