Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vera Joyce Jackson Memorial to husband

The only thing she did for her husband was, I miss you....

In other words she missed throwing 4 letter words at some to make them cry....

Why not giver her a call and scream Fuck Shit Cunt Piss Assholes at her, this is her standard shout out, he has even stood at the door and shouted as loud as possible, because it would hurt her husband!

Ask her what abuse she gave to him on his death bed!

I know I was there and it was also witnessed, yet she walks the streets among us....

Call the women that the NHS is so scared of they allow her to get away with abusing other patients and staff!

That is right! I have and so have others witnessed her striking at staff, but for the sake of a quiet life they allow her to walk among us!

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