Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jackson Family Funeral

Vera Joyce Jackson didn't bother to show at a Jackson family funeral, her beloved bothers wife funeral was yesterday,  and all that could be raised from Vera Joyce Jackson was a giggle and a laugh!

Vera Joyce Jackson remains awaiting your attempts to explain why laughing at people in distress is considered bad manners, so she can shout you down.

Vera Joyce Jackson, apparently the response to suggestions about going to the funeral was the standard, 'Why the FUCK should I!'

Vera Joyce Jackson - Child abuser and Murder who walks among us free to abuse...

Latest Update... Will willingly admit to not tending or attempting to doing anything for her husband when he was lying there...

She left him for 2 days until his son came down from Reading to discover his father lying paralysed on the bed, freezing cold and lying in his own faeces.

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