Wednesday, 29 February 2012

psychiatric study requires patient?

Psychiatric Study requires patient - Do you Require a Subject to base your thesis on?

Do you want to study a murder? Do want to study a serial abuser?

Do you want to meet a woman who brags about beating her only child, and laughs about it?

Left her husband paralysed with a stroke on the bed for 48 hours without calling for any assistance?

Left him lying in his own feces, and explains that it is perfectly natural to treat someone like that.

Who will respond to your questions with, "Why the Fuck should I?"

Feel free to call Vera Joyce Jackson +44 (0)1202 707 127 she will gladly answer any of your questions and direct you as to where you are going wrong with your career, also she will gladly point out that Not providing calling for an ambulance is not against the law, so leaving someone to die is perfectly within her rights.

Better yet drop by ;
42 Austin Ave.
Poole, Dorset,
BH14 8HE
United Kingdom

This woman rocks, watch out for the baseball bat that she keeps by the door.

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  1. Sources within Poole Hospital recall stories of Vera Joyce Jackson yelling foul words at doctors and harassing other patients.

    Every time she has been in hospital she has to go into a separate room because of the trouble she causes.