Thursday, 8 March 2012


Bill Grace has a wonderful family, Valma Glenn who worked for the CBC for years in the News Department was only interested in what she could get, so much so that she stole the only things that could be gotten out of the house before Vera Joyce Jackson destroyed it all.

Her (Valma Glenn) first thought when finding out that her Brother was in hospital was, "he promised me his stamp collection." That was the first thing to her mind. Not how is he, or I am sure he will be fine, but what can she get.

John Grace, married to a Isle of Wight artist Cynthia Grace, and living in Ryde on the IOW wasn't interested at all. A shrug of the shoulders and an oh well he is dead, that was it. John happens to think everything Vera did was the right thing to do.

So leaving is brother with no food and water for 48 hours when he was in paralysis with a stroke was the right thing to do?

Oh well. That is all you'll get out of his family. (Rumour has it that John Grace thinks Vera Joyce Jackson did the right thing in leaving him to suffer)

Upon hearing Vera Joyce Jackson had told her Bill's son not to come to the funeral, what did they do? Did they protest?

Nope, they simply did nothing.

Have they left a message for Bill on his web page? Nope.

Have they wondered what has happened to his Ashes? (Flushed down the toilet by Vera Joyce Jackson) Nope.

That was the Family that Bill Grace had to put up with, it is no wonder he decided to return to Canada.

What they say is, well, he should have known better.

What I say is, if it is Family you should support it, of course I have never been taught that. Vera Joyce Jackson used to beat the shit out of me just because she enjoyed it.

Now she has no one to abuse, so I would be very worried. Knock on her door and the foul mouth of the south will explode with abuse.

Names to Remember, Names to Research, Valma Glenn, John Grace, and Vera Joyce Jackson.

Don't do business with them, the knife in the back isn't worth it!

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